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Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Series of Sits

I was uploading new pictures and realized we have collected quite a selection of pictures of Jackson "sitting." I've included a few older pictures for comparison since he frequents some locations :)

Loving Daddy's Chair (first week home)

Huge Hotel Bed in Philly (nine weeks old)

Late Night at Aunt Katie's (two and a half months old)

Loving Daddy's Chair 2 (three and a half months old)

Loving Daddy's Chair 3 (six months old)

Enjoying The Big Blue Couch (six months old)

Admiring Auntie Em's Pretty Futon (six months old)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

A New Member of the Family

NO! We definitely are not adding to the family in THAT way! We got a new car yesterday! We did not get rid of Eliza, we simply added a second car. After MUCH research, we decided on a Toyota Prius. We went to buy her yesterday and she looks very happy occupying our second parking spot. We are looking for name suggestions. Preferably a girl's name that starts with "P..."

Happy Half Birthday!

This past Thursday we wished Jackson a happy half birthday! I know I say it all the time, but I simply cannot believe we have had this happy guy in our lives for six whole months!!! We celebrated by going to the doctor for a six-month check-up and then meeting Josh for lunch. Jackson weighed in just under 17 pounds at 16 lbs 15 ozs. That puts him in the 45th percentile for weight. He measured about 25 inches long so he falls in the 35th percentile for height.

Jackson has been very busy working on all sorts of new tricks! He definitely has mastered rolling from his back on to his tummy and is getting much more comfortable rolling tummy to back. He loves trying to sit up at any chance he gets and is getting pretty good at it. We find that every time we look at him he is experimenting with a new face or sound. He is an absolute riot!

He loves to spend a good amount of time each day Exersaucering, but he also is enjoying playing with more of his other toys. We got a tray for his Bumbo seat so he can sit in it and play with his blocks and rattles. He also has a puppy that talks to him and sings songs (we named the puppy Mo, after his great-great aunt Lil MOses!) and he is mesmerized by this thing that makes sounds.

Jackson has had a busy couple of months with a trip to Evanston to hang out with Mimi and Grandpa and then a visit from them a week later! Little does he know there is a good deal more traveling in his future :)