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Monday, June 27, 2011

Down Goes Smith (x2)

What Monday was supposed to look like: Quick visit to the library so Jackson could visit the fish tank, check in for his reading program, and check out books for our upcoming trip to Indy.  Lunch with cousin Beth in Old Orchard.  Nap.  Play with Huks.  Dinner.  Mommy and Mimi go to a movie.  The end.
Here's what happened instead: On the way to the library I talked to Erin in the morning, and we decided we'd probably have to cancel our plans for the afternoon since her littlest guy wasn't feeling well :(  Jackson and I had a great time at the library checking out the fish and playing.  They have a pretty great play area with trucks, a play kitchen, and some other small toys.  We were on our way to check out our books when Jackson tripped (he wasn't doing anything silly, just walking) and hit his head on one of the giant stone pillars they have all over.  He immediately started hysterically crying and shaking he hurt so bad.  It was SO sad to see :(  I picked him up and went to the children's desk to get tissues and advice on what to do.  I feel like I have a tendency to overreact when it comes to Jackson and accidents, so I didn't know if I should panic or not.  The librarians were AWESOME!  We got Jackson sitting on a chair so I could look at him, and the librarians brought over an ice pack, tissues, juice, and snacks.  Jackson started to calm down a little here and there, but he was so upset.  He also just sat with his eyes closed, which I thought was based on the fact that he was scared and shy, but we wanted to make sure.  One librarian asked if I wanted them to call the ambulance.  I just didn't know if I needed to.  She said they would rather be safe than sorry, and if it was no big deal, that was fine.  I was really glad she decided to call them so I could feel good with him being checked out.  I did get a look at his head and it looked pretty bad to me--like a puncture wound.  While we were waiting I started to freak out just a little and was SO happy to see the "professionals!"  An ambulance and a fire truck showed up--five guys in all.  They checked him out and took our information, but said he didn't need to get stitches.  They said he just needed ice and Tylenol, so I didn't see any reason to go to the hospital (they offered).   We were still concerned about Jackson not opening his eyes, so we took him outside to see the trucks.  He was NOT happy about sitting in the ambulance for a few minutes to just finish things up.  He did open his eyes though, and he looked fine.  He also sucked down his first Capri Sun.  He had calmed down and the paramedics told me what to look for and what to expect.  The librarians had been so nice and asked if I'd let them know later how he was.  I decided to go back in then to let them know Jackson was ok and to check out my books!  Jackson was SUCH a trooper, and he was really just excited to show Daddy his big boo boo when we got home...  Sigh--boys!  We got home and showed Josh the boo boo.  We cleaned it up a little more and ended up putting a band-aid on it even thought we figured it would come off with some hair.  Jackson really bounced back and has been in a great mood all day!  
Jackson took a three hour nap, and then we enjoyed some family time walking Pax and then riding Jackson's bike to the playground to play before dinner.  I had just gotten him situated with the beginning of his dinner before I went downstairs to get Josh something to drink.  I got to the bottom of the stairs, dropped the glass, jumped out of the way to miss the broken glass, and landed right on some glass slicing my foot in quite a few places :(  I yelled out, and when Josh got to me he immediately told my mom I needed some towels. I figured I was bleeding (which for as much as it hurt should NOT have been a surprise!), and looked down and there was quite a bit of blood on the floor...  I eventually got myself upstairs to sit down and put pressure on my cuts.  Mom cleaned up the mess and Josh checked me out.  We established there was no glass IN the cuts, so we go them to stop bleeding before bandaging them up.  Our evening plans changed from a movie out to dinner and a movie in.  What an emotionally exhausting day!  Josh has been ordered to sit still on the couch for the rest of the evening ;)
Side note: Even thought Jackson had blood pouring down his face after his accident, the white capris I was wearing were blood-free.  They also survived my accident.  However, maybe I should retire them so there are no more accidents???

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Date Night: Jazzin' at the Shedd

 Josh and I LOVE taking advantage of Mimi and Bampa's babysitting services when we are in town :)  We definitely knew we wanted a date night while we were in town, but we didn't have any specific plans until last week when a Groupon showed up for Jazzin' at the Shedd!  The deal was essentially a two-for-one, but I also had Groupon bucks so I only paid $6 for two passes!!!  Jazzin' at the Shedd started this week and is every Wednesday night this summer.  It's from 5-10pm, features a different jazz band each week, has fireworks at the end of the evening, and includes admission to the whole aquarium!  Tickets are normally almost $30 for each daily admission, so we got quite a steal :) 

We started our evening at Potbelly in Evanston, then drove into the city.  We parked at the planetarium since they offer a discounted parking rate if you arrive in the evening.  We got to see all the upstairs exhibits, plus the Wild Reef and new Jellies exhibits.  

 The jellies were pretty darn cool!  They were so peaceful to watch swimming all around.  
 The ceiling in the jellies exhibit was decorated with homemade jellies made out of pop bottles!  After the exhibit is finished they will be recycled.
Penguins are always fun to watch!  I got a kick out of watching all the fish and animals in the after hours setting.  I liked pretending that they knew it was a special showing and were showing off :)
  There were no dolphin shows for the evening, but we did get to watch them play!
 We did get to see a feeding time with a diver in the main aquarium!  There was this one stingray that kept swimming against the glass, and the way his gills were arranged, it looked like he was wearing pearls for a fancy occasion :) 
 Around 8:30 we headed out to the terrace, found a table, and enjoyed the jazz music while we checked out the views of Navy Pier and the skyline.  The fireworks started around 9:30, and they were pretty fun to watch!
 Our lovely evening ended on a good note with a milkshake on the drive home :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Illinois Friends

We LOVE visiting with friends when we come to town!  We don't get to see our Illinois friends nearly often enough, but we really look forward to re-connecting when we get to!  My very dear friend from college, Kim, is getting married on July 2nd (this is what we planned our trip around), and Jackson and I were lucky enough to steal away some of her time this past Monday to meet her for breakfast!  We met at Eggstacy, and the options on the menu were amazing!  It was hard to pick--but we made some yummy choices!  Jackson helped Kim open her wedding present, and then Kim was nice enough to let Jackson play with some of her new kitchen toys :)
On Wednesday morning, Jackson, Mimi, and I met KK, Liam, Brandi, and KK's Nana and Grandma for breakfast at Walker Brothers!  It was SO yummy!  Jackson and KK thoroughly enjoyed their breakfast date :)
Liam had a grand time :)
Brandi, Nana, Liam, Grandma, KK, Jaxie, Mommy, and Mimi
After our breakfast, our cousin, Ann, met us in Highland Park to visit with Jackson for a bit.  He had such a good time showing her his cars and his current favorite book, Baby Einstein Let's Look.
On Wednesday afternoon during naptime, Laura and Maria came over to visit.  I had Laura in my second Third Grade class, and she just finished SEVENTH grade!!!  We got Jackson up from his nap just before they left, and he was really tired and shy at first.  But, Mimi brought out this super cute BBQ toy she had for Jackson!  Jackson warmed right up and grilled everyone some snacks :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mimi. Bampa. Uncle Larry. Nan. Cheryl.

 We left last Friday afternoon to drive from Dumfries, VA to Evanston, IL.  Jackson did AWESOME!  He stayed awake while I drove us to Crystal City to pick up Josh from work (we left our house around 11:15), but then promptly fell asleep as soon as we hit the highway!  He ended up sleeping for almost two hours, but he woke up after the first 45 minutes asking sleepily, "Mimi?  Bampa?  Uncle Larry?  Nan?  Cheryl?"  It was so cute (especially because he went back to sleep!).  Cheryl is my grandma's caretaker, and Jackson just has formed quite a bond with her!  Once Jackson woke up from his nap, we read through the bag of library books I had checked out, played with toys, and Jackson got to watch some movies on his iPod.  We stopped for dinner in Ohio, and then hopped back in the car for the second leg of the trip.  Since it stays light for so much longer, Jackson didn't fall asleep until 9:30!  He really did ok until the last half hour or so.  Once he closed his eyes, he was OUT!  Phew!  We got to my mom and dad's house just before 11 CST.  We made great time :)
 Saturday morning, however, Jackson woke up at 5!  Yikes!  But, Mimi got up early with us to hang out :)  Brandi is borrowing the infant tub my mom bought, so my dad got it out of the attic.  Jackson seemed to think it was a good recliner :)  
 We all went to Big Herm's for lunch before the guys headed off to golf.  Jackson was really doing well until he was eating his ice cream treat.  I think it was a combination of actually getting a little brain freeze and sneezing while he was eating, but Jackson just burst into tears and got so upset!  We went home, and he proceeded to take a three hour nap :)  Ahhh...  We ordered Lou's for dinner and then Larry, Josh, and I took a lovely walk to a neighborhood ice cream store!  Confession time: I have worn my workout clothes only to walk to get ice cream :)  It is about a three-mile walk!
 Jackson got a trike right before we left VA!  He has been asking for one for a few weeks: "Jaxie bike!"  We have new neighbors and their girls ride their bikes around and around our cul-de-sac, and he likes to stand at the window and watch them.  He also started asking for a red bike!  Luckily I was hunting for a red Radio Flyer trike :)  I found a great deal on Craigslist.  Jackson face was priceless when we showed him Jaxie's bike!!!  It is the fold-n-go variety, so I was able to fit the trike in the car!  Jackson is LOVING showing Mimi and Bampa his pedaling skills :)
 Jackson's Uncle Brad and Aunt Karol visited Mom and Dad a couple weeks ago, and brought this adorable book for Jackson!  Charlie the Ranch Dog by Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman!!!) is super cute :)
 Jaxie and Unlelearry :)
 We haven't all been together since Christmas, so we had a few family photo ops :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

For the first time since Josh became a father, we got to celebrate Father's Day WITH my dad!!!  We chose our timing for this trip to Evanston based on a good friend's wedding on July 2nd.  We were aiming to spend two weeks out here, and we decided to add the two weeks to the front end because Larry was supposed to be in town for a work trip on Father's Day weekend.  I didn't know if Josh would be able to get Friday afternoon off since he was then taking TWO whole weeks off, but he did and we ended up having two whole days with my brother :)  It just so happened that this also allowed us all to celebrate Father's Day together!

The guys all got to sleep in while Mom, Jackson, Pax and I prepared the morning celebration!  We all ate brunch together before the guys went golfing.  I made The Pioneer Woman's SuperSonic Breakfast Burritos with some cinnamon rolls and some strawberries.
Dad admiring his new mousepad and Josh checking out Josh's.
Josh got a new oven mitt for his grilling activities.  I found this at the Custer Street Fair that Mom and I went to on Saturday.  The guy had ONE UVa one left--it was meant to be :)
Father's Day high five!
A new wick-away golf shirt just in time for the day's activities!  It's purple because Josh learned he's a winter in Home Ec--it really does look nice on him :)
A coupon attached to a strawberry for a date with Dad to The Cheesecake Factory for Strawberry Shortcake--our favorite!
Jackson checking out Bampa's card
Jackson just couldn't wait for the presents to be opened so he had some fruit early :)
What's this?
A choice wheel for Herm's Palace to help Josh choose what menu item to order next :)
Dad got new whisks for his pancake duties!
Jackson is excited to help Bampa whisk!
Jackson ended the morning with a pillow fort for him and all his toys :)

The guys had fun golfing while we went to visit Nan.  Jackson got this super-cute backpack to carry around all his stuff!!!  He loves it!  Then we all met Dad, Larry, and Josh at Hackney's for dinner.  It was yummy, as usual, even though it took forever to get our food!  But, Jackson was awesome and kept himself busy playing with the toys in his new backpack--coming in handy already!