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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Go Hoos Go!

This past weekend we took Jackson on a short getaway to see where his Daddy went to school! We spent a wonderful afternoon in Charlottesville and Jackson loved seeing the sights! After walking across The Lawn, Jackson had his lunch on the steps of the Rotunda! We strolled along The Lawn, ate on The Corner, shopped at The University Bookstore, and drove around campus. A lot has changed in the last couple of years!

From Charlottesville, we went to Louisa to stay the night with our good friends, Charron and Andy. Jackson loved meeting them! Maybe more importantly, he loved being a groupie for all for all of the grown-ups playing Guitar Hero :)

Saucing it Up!

Jackson has a wonderful new toy! Josh and I picked up his new Exersaucer yesterday and put it together last night. I put Jackson in it this morning and he LOVED it! I showed him what some of the toys do (lots make noise or light up, but there are some that boing, rattle, or have mirrors) and he immediately started investigating. He played happily in it while I made and ate my lunch. He was so cute! He sort of wiggles himself around in the seat to reach other toys. As he gets bigger he can move with more purpose and turn all around. His feet just touch the bottom so he can exercise his leg muscles. I knew he would love this because he loves standing on our laps or anything else we put him on! Everything else is going really well :) We are patiently waiting for warmer weather, but we also know it's not nearly as bad as if we still lived in Illinois! We try to get out each day for an outing and we take Pax for a daily walk through the woods. Jackson is definitely starting to become more interested in Paxton. Paxton has been doing his version of cuddling Jackson, I think. Whenever Jackson is on the floor on his playmat, Pax will lie down right beside him and just hang out. It's so cute :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from our smiley guy :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Four Months Old!

Jackson is officially four months old!!! Craziness! We saw the doctor yesterday for Mr. Jackson's four month check-up. We couldn't believe he weighed in at 14 pounds, 5 ounces!!! He measured 24 inches long! We knew he was getting heavier, but this caught us by surprise. It really shouldn't have--he is a great eater! Jackson got the second round of the vaccines he had gotten at his two month check-up. Thankfully Josh comes along to these visits because he is brave enough to hold Jackson while they give him his shots. Last time he didn't cry at all on the first one and just a little on the second one. This time he did a grunty cry on the first one, but he didn't have his paci. I figured the second one would be fine. The nurse said it usually hurts more because it stings as it goes in. I (stupidly) thought that didn't apply to our baby because he usually doesn't mind the typical things most babies do. Boy, was I wrong! Jackson cried a harder cry than he ever has! It was so sad and as soon as the nurse left, I started crying! Poor Josh had to come hold both of us! We all recovered, luckily, and Jackson doesn't seem to be suffering any long term effects :)

We have loved every minute of the past four months--time is going way too fast! Jackson is working on rolling over and just loves playing on his playmat! Whether he is surrounded by toys or playing with dangly ones over his head, he is so content to lie there and play. He has become quite a drool monster and we often have to change outfits because he soaks himself down to his chest! We noticed him eyeing his feet the other day. I'm sure he will figure out a way to get those in his mouth sooner than later... We are so blessed to have such a happy, healthy baby!

Jackson's First Visit to Washington, D.C.

This past weekend was BEAUTIFUL! We took advantage of Sunday and took Jackson into D.C. for his first tour of the monuments :) He really seemed to enjoy it! He started out happy to gaze from afar at everything in the comfort of his stroller, but as we moved along, he decided he needed to be held to really appreciate the coolness! The outing was made complete with a diaper change on a bench between the World War II Memorial and the Reflecting Pool :)
Meeting Mr. Jefferson for the first time
Snack break at the FDR Memorial
Washington Monument
Lincoln as a backdrop
WWII Memorial

Mr. Lincoln