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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Silly Boy

This cracked me up the other day! I bought Jackson a fun mirror so he can look at himself. It doesn't stand up on its own on the floor so I tied it to a laundry basket for support. Well, now that Mr. Jackson tries to pull himself up using whatever is around, it's not so supportive. He was surrounded on the floor by toys, but he was mesmerized by the laundry basket! Go figure!

He also LOVES his clock in his room! I took a blue one we already had in the family room and hung it in his room because it matched. I didn't really think anything more about it. True, we didn't have one before, but I had been wanting one in his room for a while now. Captain Observant noticed it the first day I hung it. He looks at it all the time when we go into his room or when I get him out of his crib after a nap. He just gazes at it like it's the coolest thing he's ever seen! Hilarious!

P.S. I've been meaning to mention how much I love watching Jackson touch things. He uses all four fingers and runs them over and over whatever he's feeling. It is just so sweet to watch :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with Larry in town! He and Michelle flew in Friday night and spent the long weekend with us. Jackson enjoyed doing touristy stuff with them :) Saturday night was a beautiful Spring night and we took a tour of the memorials and monuments in the city. It was a really pretty night! Sunday we spent watching the Nationals win against the Orioles! Go Nats! (Don't worry! He's still a Cubs fan and even wore a Cubs outfit to the game. We did decide that as long as they aren't playing the Cubs, we can root for the Nationals. They might not be very good, but they have a great new stadium with wonderful food!) Jackson thoroughly enjoyed his first baseball game. He ate and slept very well! We borrowed a Baby Bjorn from friends and it was a lifesaver! Jackson loves riding around in it facing out, but he also slept really well facing in while we walked around. Mr. Jackson doesn't spend much time sitting still so I don't get a huge quantity of snuggle time. This was great!

Jackson is working on tons of new tricks! I'm secretly hoping it's a long time before they get mastered... He continues to love sitting up and playing with his toys. He loves to grab on to anything within reach and try to pull himself to standing. He also is a fan of holding your hands and just using them as a brace to stand for a while. He is so darn cute with everything he tries! He has this huge cheesy smile he puts on when he knows he has our attention...pretty much all the time!

The big news is I am almost positive I felt a tiny little tooth poking up this morning... Needless to say we are on our third nap of the day and it's not even 2:00pm. Just a little tired and cranky :(

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I think Mother's Day is my new favorite holiday! Josh and Jackson did an awesome job of making sure I had a GREAT day! Josh started the day by getting up with Jackson while I slept in a little. Always a good start to the day :) Then he presented me with my presents: the beautiful flowering plant pictured above, a bottle of wine, yummy dark chocolates, and the promise of a Panera lunch or dinner. Late morning we headed off to meet friends at the zoo. The weather was perfect! I don't think it wavered much from 75 degrees all day! We had a great time at the zoo, including watching a mama gorilla cuddling her baby! For dinner we went to Chevy's and were able to eat outside! I definitely am enjoying being a mom and it's great to have a day devoted just to that!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Serious Updating

I can't believe how long it has been since I last blogged! I know the last few days I have been avoiding it because I don't even know where to begin! Jackson is changing so much every day and he just is a joy to have around :) The biggest change for us right now is that since Easter I have been watching our good friends' son, James. He is three months younger than Jackson. I watch him four days a week. It is working out very well and the boys definitely enjoy "hanging out!"
Jackson is now big enough to sit in his stroller without the carseat! He LOVES it! He is fascinated by the wheels, in particular. He spends most of the time on our walks doubled over the side watching the wheels go around and around and around. When he is actually sitting up in his seat, he really enjoys watching Paxton--wherever he is! Jackson had his first grocery store trip sitting up in his stroller and he thought that was great! When we were in another store, I found him with a toy on his lap all of a sudden! He was so thoughtful to help me shop... ;)

A couple of weeks ago we had our first family trip to Evanston since Christmas! Jackson got two trips to the park during this time! He officially loves swinging and he and Daddy tried out all of the other fun things too! Here is a great picture of Jackson showing Josh how the digger works :)

I lobbied for a trip home in order to celebrate my birthday with my family. But, we also were in town for my dad's school's major fundraiser: The Grand Auction. Josh and I were able to have our first real date with an actual babysitter and everything! We had a great time. This is mostly in part due to the fact that our babysitter was a girl I used to babysit for! She was five when I first sat for her and she is 16 now! Time flies!

Jackson has made his way through Gerber's entire line of First Foods and loved them all! Do you think he's his father's child??? He gets so excited when I put him in his booster and get his bib out! His arms and legs just start bouncing all around. We just got back from pool registration for this summer and I can't wait to get this boy in the water! He is really starting to purposefully splash in the tub and I know he'll be in heaven with a whole pool at his disposal! We have had a couple of nights where Jackson slept the entire night through, from 7pm-6am! Woo hoo! I almost don't mind the nights he does get up to eat because he is so snuggly!

That is a very condensed update of our man Action Jackson!