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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Red or Green?

What a whirlwind the past few days have been! We finally got to tell our families the wonderful news after getting a great report at the doctor. It is SO exciting to tell all of the important people in our lives the good news :) We were especially excited to check to see how big Sam is now that I am entering my 9th week. It is about the size of a grape! It is amazing to me to read about all of the changes going on already. I can't believe that Sam is enough of a person to have all four chambers of her heart already formed! And she is getting fingertips and earlobes!

I continue to crave dairy (particularly yogurt and cheese) and now am feeling the need for a bagel with cream cheese for lunch. It gets me unusually excited to know that that is what is in my lunch...


It was brought to my attention by my loving husband, and partner in this new adventure, that I am a terrible mother already because I was referring to Sam as the incorrect vegetable. The previous post's title should read: We're Growing a Kidney Bean! My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this caused.

Friday, February 22, 2008

We're Growing a Lima Bean!

7 Weeks

We had our confirmation appointment yesterday afternoon and we are most definitely pregnant!!! We are SOOOOO excited and can't wait to shout it from the rooftops. I am only a few days into my eighth week so we aren't going to run around telling everyone yet. The doctor said that right now I only have a 2% chance of miscarriage, but by ten weeks, I'll be even safer. We sent a surprise package to my mom and dad and hopefully it will arrive today so we can tell them tonight!!! We were relieved to hear that the baby looks great and we were actually able to see it and the heartbeat once the doctor pointed out. We did have a funny moment when Josh remembered the "Friends" episode when Rachel goes for her ultrasound and keeps telling the doctor she can see the baby but then confesses later that she couldn't see it and feels like a bad mom already. LOL Ahhh...there's nothing like relating real life to television! HA HA!

There is a wonderful website that gives references to food based on how far along you are. So far we have had: a poppy seed, a sesame seed, a lentil bean, a blueberry, and now we are having a lima bean! It makes it really fun when Josh asks how the blueberry or bean is doing! We are also referring to the baby as Sam for now. Sam can be a boy name or a girl name. I really like the name Sam, but come on, Sam Smith? We wouldn't do that to our kid. So, we figured this was a good time to use up the name :)

Big and Mean

LOL! Oh, poor, poor Josh--it's going to be a LONG 9 months! Over the weekend we were discussing how things would change and we were all over the board on this discussion. I think he was letting me know that we could keep the A/C on a more regular temperature than we usually do in the summer. (You know him, always the environmentalist!) He said something about me being "big and mean" and he didn't need me overheating, or something. I kinda thought about it a minute and started to laugh, but quickly started crying instead! Poor Josh didn't know if I was laughing hysterically and not being able to breathe (if you've met me you know this is a very possible occurance) or if I was indeed crying. I finally muttered, "I don't want to be big and mean!" Then it was too much for Josh and as he found the siutation hilarious, he had to try his best to keep from laughing for fear that I would think he was laughing AT me and get even more upset! I did clarify after it was over that I didn't feel offended by what he said, it just made me really overwhelmed to think about all the changes that are coming up. While we are enjoying the very mild winter in D.C., I am well aware that I will be entering my third trimester duing the sweltering summer of D.C...I'm trying to be brave because I really don't want to be the typical cranky pregnant woman!

Super Pregnant!

I was right! I knew there wasn't something "quite right" with my body, but Josh didn't think I was actually pregnant. He figured by thinking I wasn't, he couldn't go wrong. If I wasn't, he wasn't disappointed, but if I was, he would be really excited! I guess it worked out well for both of us! I was so nervous buying the test! I continued to be nervous about taking it the right don't want to get your hopes up for nothing! We took the first one after dinner one night and the two lines showed up right away. We dutifully waited the full three minutes and they were still there! But, being the pragmatist he is, Josh suggested waiting a few days and taking another one just to be sure. Sure enough on Saturday morning, the two lines showed up right away again! I was Super Pregnant! LOL I could not wait to get to the doctor so they could confirm it "for real!" It was a LONG two weeks until the doctor's appointment...