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Monday, June 23, 2008

On to the Next Phase

I was so excited when the girl taking my order at Panera asked me how many months I was! I wasn't sure I was quite "pregnant enough" for strangers to ask. She also guessed that I was having a boy and when I asked how she knew, she said her stomach looked just like mine when she had her son. I felt like I walked away with that "pregnant glow!"

That was a nice change from this weekend when we were at a BBQ and some girl sitting on a cooler of beer asked me if I needed her to move so I could get a beer. I pretty much just ignored her and got out the water I had been heading for. Josh informed me that even though I definitely look pregnant, I could have been giving birth in front of her and she wouldn't have caught on...(it was one of his co-workers)...

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