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Friday, November 14, 2008

So Lucky

I just wanted to use a little blog space to brag about my wonderful husband! From the minute Jackson was born and I was rather unable to help out with much since I couldn't feel anything beneath my pelvis, Josh has jumped in and done everything he can to help out. He gets me whatever I need. Even though I've been at this motherhood thing for five weeks, I still don't have everything perfectly set up around me when I sit down to feed Jackson. We are lucky enough to have a good eater on our hands, but whenever I sit down to feed him, I might be committing to an hour long session or more! Even though he is back at work, Josh doesn't hesitate to get up in the middle of the night to bring Jackson to me when he's hungry or to just put the pacifier back in. The best thing, however, is that Josh has made a rule with himself that he will not let me hold the baby during dinner. He always takes care of keeping Jackson happy while I eat with two hands! It's really nice to know that I have that to look forward to each day! He is truly wonderful to me and a fabulous dad! I wish everyone could have a Josh :)

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