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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Well, we are definitely still here!  We've just been a little busy...  We finished up last week with a fun outing and then a weekend trip to Staunton.  On Thursday we met Brandi, Kaitlyn, and some of their other friends from base at Gymboree for our own, private class!  I took Jackson for his trial class last December when we met up with Auntie Cassie and Jonah in IL, but he had an even better time last week since he is much more adept at climbing :)  The girl running the class did an awesome job especially since she was gearing it towards a three-month old through five year old!  Jackson loved running around and exploring!  After that, we all invaded the local Chik-fil-a and had lunch!  It was chaos, to say the least.  It was really fun to get out with other moms and kids.  Jackson also enjoyed his first Chik-fil-a kids' meal!  (His first kids' meal anywhere, actually!)  
Friday afternoon we left for Staunton.  We planned for Jackson to take his nap in the car, which he did for a little while.  When we were about half an hour away from Murph and Larry's house, he woke up SO upset!  He screamed like he was in pain for the whole rest of the way.  He hasn't seemed his usual self during the week (lack of appetite and not his good-natured self), and then he was really rubbing his ears and his neck.  I was sure he had an ear infection (or two!) and that we would need to find somewhere for him to get seen by a doctor since he clearly wouldn't make it all weekend.  He was still a little upset when we got to Windjammer, but calmed down and was fine for the rest of the weekend (still cranky, but not acting like he was in pain).  That was a relief!  It was awful to sit in the car and not be able to comfort him until we got out :(
Jackson LOVED having the attention of Meemaw, Aunt Murph, and Uncle Larry!  His cousin, Tyler, was in and out and he liked checking in on him too.  Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Wayne come over Saturday afternoon for dinner and some belated-present opening.  It was really nice to enjoy our family, the lovely fire that was going almost all weekend, and fun evening time watching movies!  
Late Saturday morning, we went out to visit Gramma J and to have lunch.  

Jackson got his first Happy Meal at McDonald's!  Gramma wanted to take us out to eat as part of our Christmas present, but we really didn't think Jackson would last through a nice lunch out in a sit-down restaurant.  So, we proposed taking her out for a faster lunch for her birthday that had just passed, and we would take a rain check on a longer lunch :)  I knew Jackson would eat chicken nuggets and fries so we figured this was a good time for a Happy Meal!  He did eat pretty much the whole thing.  He also liked drinking his milk out of the cute jug with a straw.
We got back to Springfield in time for the Bear's playoff game.  Of course, we were thrilled with the result!!!  Monday we enjoyed Josh's day off and did some fun things--mostly revolving around yummy food!  We got some yucky freezing rain Monday night, so schools were cancelled on Tuesday.  Josh stayed home as well, and we took the opportunity to break out Jackson's Geo Trax.  He got TONS of track and trains handed down from his cousins, Drake and Killian, but he also got a new engine and controller set from the Yanceys for Christmas.  I built him a track, and he's had a ball running his trains around on it ever since :)  

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