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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bampa Visits!!!

We have been eagerly awaiting my dad's visit to our new house!!!  He and my mom were supposed to fly out Friday morning and stay through this afternoon.  Earlier last week, however, my mom got really uncomfortable due to a pinched nerve/uncooperative sciatic nerve :(  I was pretty sure the trip was going to be cancelled, BUT my mom was feeling well enough to stay by herself so Dad was able to come out on his own!!!  

Jackson was ecstatic to take a ride to the airport to "pick out Bampa!"  My dad got in right on time, and we got going right away.  Our first stop was Crystal City to see Josh's new office and have lunch with him.  We ate yummy sandwiches and salads at Cosi before dropping Josh back off at his office.  We came home and laid Jackson down for his nap.  Then, I got to give my dad his long awaited tour of our new house :)  He LOVED it!!!  I'm so glad he can finally imagine us in the different parts of our house now!  Josh got home at a reasonable hour and we all headed over to The Bungalow Alehouse for dinner.  We discovered this restaurant last time Mimi was in town, and it was a crowd pleaser again!  Jackson and Bampa had time to Happiness their drinks before stories and bed :)  Once Jackson was asleep and Pax was walked, I picked up Jojo's so Dad could taste the goodness!
 On Saturday morning we went into the city with the goal of trying some things we hadn't done/weren't the typical touristy stops.  Mom and I had come to DC for a Mother/Daughter Weekend Getaway almost exactly four years ago.  We went to the National Postal Museum then, and I thought it would be fun to take Dad and Josh.  They really liked it, and it was a great choice for Jackson!  It's not very big at all, so we felt comfortable letting him wander around and check things out.
 Jackson pretending to sort the mail
 The story of Owney the Postal Dog is told at different points in the museum.  He is SO stinking cute!  Definitely one of my favorite parts :)
 Bampa and Jackson checking out a short "movie" through the viewer
 After the museum we walked over to a nice, quiet park on the North side of the Capitol.  We found some benches to relax on and Jackson got to run around. 
 We drove back home and ate at Five Guys down the street from our house--YUMMY!  After naptime we all got ready for a lovely Grown-Up Dinner!!!  Brandi and Scott brought Kaitlyn and Liam over and we had a babysitter come and watch all three kids.  The five of us left and went to Tim's Rivershore Restaurant and Crabhouse.  Josh and I came across this restaurant one night when we were out exploring our new area.  It is definitely tucked away and it was pretty awesome!  We ate outside on the upper deck and let's just say, the people watching was the activity of the evening...  The food was delicious, and we can't wait to go back and request to sit on the lower decks that are practically right on the sand!  The view of the Potomac River was really pretty!  I had really meant to get a picture of us all with Dad, but I forgot :(  I do have the following picture of Jackson trying out the playmat I pulled out for Liam's entertainment :)
 Dad and Josh played golf on Sunday, but before they left, Jackson got in a little baseball practice!  
 First pitch!
 Action shot! It took Jackson a bit to get warmed up, but he had some awesome hits once he got going!
 THIS was one of our MUSTS for a new house: a yard to enjoy playing in :)
 He requested his hat part way through his batting session
 Jackson pitching to Bampa
 Jackson decided Bampa needed to be fully outfitted with his hat ;)
 Once Dad and Josh got back from golf and we were all cleaned up for dinner, we took some photos on the porch before heading to Uncle Julio's for an early birthday dinner for Dad!
After we finished dinner we walked over to Wegman's to pick out some yummy dessert and for Jackson to show Bampa the train!!!  We relaxed Sunday night when we got home, and then said good-bye to Bampa Monday morning (Dad changed his ticket to leave a day earlier and Mom was able to change hers to come for a nice LONG weekend after Labor Day!!!).  We had such a fun visit and Jackson really enjoyed having Bampa all to himself!!!

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Sarah @ Loved Like the Church said...

Looks like such a fun visit!

And Five Guys? Love. It.