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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Carpenter Jackson!

Work on our deck started last Thursday and was finished this past Tuesday!  We are SUPER excited to have this extra outdoor living space :)  Jackson's favorite toy for the past week has been Josh's tape measure--he measured everything and anything:
 The couch,
 The wall,
 His pancake,
 Samson's head,
and the back of Sammy's head!

 Showing Liam how to hold the tape measure
 "Liam, you hold this part, and I'll pull the rest of it out."
 Playing with Baby Brother :)

I *know* our builders, Tom and Mike, were thrilled to have these two overseeing the project...

Needless to say, Jackson was THRILLED to have a construction project going on in his own backyard!!!  Each morning he wanted out of his crib immediately so he could stand at his window and look down on Mr. Mike who was already hard at work by 7:30am each morning!!!  During the morning while I got us ready to start the day, Jackson hung out on the back of the couch watching all of the action.  He almost always had at least one set of tools with him and was measuring something!  Tom and Mike were amazing and humored Jackson every time he talked through the window to them (the weather was BEAUTIFUL for most of this project so all of our windows were wide open).  The funniest was Tuesday morning Jackson was chatting near the window and said something to Mr. Tom.  He said, "Mommy, he no hear me!"  I told him I was sure Mr. Tom did indeed hear him.  Jackson said one more thing, I heard Tom say, "Are you talking to me Jackson?", and then I heard Jackson clam up and get all shy--what a stinker!
 Construction Worker Extraordinaire and Jr. Foreman
 Chatting about the finishing touches
Tom was the construction manager of the actual construction of our house, and he was awesome at that job (especially the parts that included phone calls from me about what was going on and when we could come see it and take pictures)!  We were pretty excited to find out that he does construction projects on his own and we could hire him to build a deck!!!  We probably need to take a break from large building projects, but hopefully we'll have an opportunity to work with him again :)

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