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Friday, December 5, 2008

Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Blog

Today we went for Jackson's two month check-up and I couldn't believe how fast time is going! I want to try to get back to using this blog for the reason we started it: to document all things (exciting or frustrating) that go along with pregnancy and parenthood. I used to blog every Tuesday after we had read our weekly update. I'm thinking that Thursdays make more sense now since Jackson will reach weekly birthdays then :)

Our two month check-up went really well this morning despite Jackson being hungry and cold when we got going! He had probably the best night of sleep last night and didn't quite wake-up to finish eating before we left! He weighs 10 lbs 3.1 ozs! Woo hoo! The doctor was pleased with everything she saw and the things we told her. He did get two shots, but he was a champ! We go back in two more months for his four month check-up!

Probably our favorite development is that Jackson is "talking" to us all the time! Yesterday afternoon when Josh called Jackson laughed out loud! It was so cute! We just love watching him smile and coo at us! He loves looking at lights and ceiling fans! Luckily, both great-grandmas had excellent ceiling fans for his enjoyment while we visited for Thanksgiving :) Yesterday I noticed him making real progress at sucking on his hands/fingers. He seems to enjoy most of his tummy time sessions and holds his head up really well!

We took our first road trip for Thanksgiving which also meant Jackson's first out-of-town experience! We spent time with both Virginia great-grandmas and he got to meet some other friends and family along the way. He traveled like an old pro and was so easy, even out of his everyday routine. I think he won over many hearts while we were gone! I'm hoping this easygoing nature continues as we are spending this coming week in Philly while Josh attends meetings for work!

We are so blessed to have such a happy baby! He is so content and so much fun to be with!

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