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Friday, December 5, 2008


I have quickly gone from crying and upset to fuming and quite aggravated. With Cox Communications. Let me start by saying that Jackson and I are having a GREAT day! I judge that by the fact that he has been happy in his swing for MUCH longer than usual and I had found my second chance to pump before bedtime! So, I'm sitting on the couch zoning out to some lovely daytime TV, Jackson is content in his swing, I'm thrilled that pumping is going so well, and I look up to see a gigantic man IN our backyard! I was in the family room which has the large sliding doors that open to the backyard and deck. I immediately panicked and totally froze before trying to cover myself up (which is very difficult with no hands available). Once I was more decent I opened the door and asked if I could help him. He starts going on and on about some problem with the cable wiring and I really didn't care. I was interested in how he got into our backyard (we have a locked gate), what he was doing there without me doing, and the fact that he was smoking. I did check one thing for him and when I came back to the door he was making faces thru it at Jackson. Not harmful at all, but he had already creeped me out and I just had no interest in him playing nice with my baby. I eventually got him to go away, but not without asking how he got in. He said he just pulled on the gate and it opened. Hmmm...Josh and I are both very cautious to make sure the gate is locked when we use it so that the area is safe for Pax...

Now, to clarify, this guy wasn't intentionally peeking in or being really creepy, but I also feel like he should not have helped himself to our backyard without me knowing. I have not been terribly modest with my nursing (I'm quite proud of all the places I have done it in), but pumping is a whole different arena! You really don't want company while you're doing that.

Time to make a complaint phone call to Cox now...

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