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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Adventures in Cooking

Once we were back from our nice LONG trip to IL, I was encouraged to expand our dinner options... (ahem)...  This really is ok--as I looked at our typical list of choices before my first grocery shopping trip of 2011, nothing really sounded good!  I took advantage of a sale at Kohl's and bought a Crock Pot, and I have been trying out new recipes as well as Crock Pot-ing for a few weeks.  Here are some of the results:
Chicken Cornbread Potpie
Super yummy!  I probably will not use the whole can of corn next time.  I also might mix it up and add a few items...not sure what yet...
Buffalo Chicken Macaroni and Cheese
Delicious!!!  I used 8oz each of sharp cheddar and pepper jack cubed.  Then I used shredded three-cheese blend for the last 8 oz.  I'm pretty convinced you could use any cheese blend you want...
Crock Pot Buffalo Wing Soup
SOOO good!  I will definitely add more broth next time so we have some leftovers!  I made this when friends came for dinner, and four adults polished it off, no problem!
Crock Pot Salsa Chicken Black Bean Soup
I'm not sure how to rank this one: it was need to overcome the look and texture...
 Crock Pot Lasagna
This turned out really well!  It heated up well as leftovers.

My Thing I Love Thursday is definitely my Crock Pot coupled with the amazing website: A Year of Slow Cooking.  The author of this blog made it her New Year's Resolution to use her slow cooker each day in 2008.  She has an awesome index that allows you to just search through her recipes alphabetically.  Each recipe includes a picture, directions, and the verdict given by her husband and children--so helpful!

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Damsel said...

That lasagna looks delicious! I love my crock pot, too.