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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Super Bowl and Excavation

Jackson and Josh were pre-gaming for the Super Bowl by practicing their football plays!  They have two plays: Daddy Couch and Jackson Couch :)  It is super cute to watch Jackson lead the plays: "Down!  Set!  Go/Hut!"  
In terms of the actual big game, we headed over to the Yanceys who had also invited the Buerstattes.  
(Jackson's really kissing Liam, not eating him!)

The men were excited about the actual football, the women and kids were excited to hold Baby Liam, and we were all excited (and then disappointed) about the commercials!  

We were all pleasantly surprised at the delicious feast we pulled together.  Joe provided bbq wienies and wings in a yummy sauce.  Susie made mini-chicken-chimichangas (I think that's the right link).  We brought buffalo chicken dip and chocolate thumbprint cookies with chocolate sprinkles.  Brandi and Scott brought spinach dip, beer bread, and Chinese Cheesecakes.  Everything was really yummy and made out for the unfortunate outcome of the game :(
 Bright and early Monday morning, we drove out to the construction site for our new house.  We had our pre-construction meeting and got to see the big hole where they excavated our basement!  Jackson LOVED seeing the construction trucks on site.  I loved seeing the sold sign by our land :)  Unfortunately, it was really sunny, and the pictures we took really didn't turn out :(  Here are the best two--there is a sign next to Josh and Jackson that says SOLD--just use your imagination!  The second picture is of our hole in the ground :)  We're hoping to go back soon and get some better shots!

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