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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Change in Schedule

We had a very low-key weekend mostly due to the fact that Jackson was getting over croup :(  He started barking like a seal last week, so I took him into the doctor on Thursday morning.  The doctor said he was definitely crouping, but his lungs sounded clear, as did his ears.  That was all good news, and his cough is finally starting to sound better today.  He wasn't really contagious because he didn't have a fever, but we figured better safe than sorry in regards to taking him out to be with other people!  So, we were really excited to get out on Monday afternoon to take the Yanceys to see our new house!  This was the first time all three of us went with another person (people), so we got a family photo :)  The video is just funny, but I thought it was fun to have a "live look" at our house :)

We enjoyed checking on our house, and then we all drove back to Springfield to have tacos at our house.  I was getting everything ready for dinner when the lights went out!  They flickered on and off quite a few times, before settling on off.  Josh checked the Dominion website and learned that a tree had fallen on a power line :(  It was just before 6 when this happened, and they were predicting the power would be back on by 11 or 1!  Yikes!  During dinner is not the optimal time for a power outage...  We quickly decided to head to McDonald's for dinner and then go to the Yanceys to hang out instead.  We had a great time at McDonald's, especially because we got to have our first Shamrock Shake of the season!!!  This is one of our all time favorites!  I used to tell people that my favorite holiday was St. Patrick's Day just because of the shakes.  Friends in Chicago were already getting them, but none of the McDonald's around us had them yet.  We were really feeling left out...until last night!!!  The power finally came back on around 7:30, and we've been good ever since :)

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