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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Allison and Jonah Visit!

Late one night I got a Facebook message from my friend, Allison, telling me they were coming to visit in Virginia and did I want to hang out!  YES!  Allison and I were roommates for two years of college, but we don't get to see each other very often :(  She moved to Virginia while Josh and I were living in Illinois, and pretty much right before Josh and I moved to Virginia, she and her husband moved to Ohio.  Such bad timing!  We haven't seen each other since right around Jackson's first birthday, I think.  I hadn't even met her son, Jonah, who is 2 1/2!!!  So, yes, we were thrilled to have a playdate :)

Of course, the Handy Manny toolbox was a hit, and Jackson and Jonah found things to fix together.

Jonah was a big fan of Flicker too, and spent some time "sneaking" around!

Being silly

More silliness!

LOVE this picture since I have one of Allison holding Jackson at a similar age!

After playing for most of the morning, we took the boys to Chik fil A--an excellent activity!  The boys played in the play area while Allison and I had even more time to catch up :)  Hopefully we'll see them much sooner than last time!
I just had to include some cute pictures of the boys :)  Jackson LOVES snuggling with Daddy and Graham!
Look who is awake!
Jackson SO wanted me to take this picture.  Too bad Graham didn't agree :(
Sweet brothers!
Graham would probably be smushed if Jackson loved him any more ;)
Jackson LOVES when Graham's eyes are open!  This was great since Graham was looking AT Jackson :)

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