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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Graham is One Month Old!

Look at that face!!!  I LOVE these stickers!!!  I found them at BuyBuyBaby and they also had a set for your belly while pregnant.  They were equally as cute, but too bad I bought these for Graham about a week before he was born so I missed the boat on the preggo ones :(  There is one sticker for each month!
That's one happy baby burrito, if we do say so ourselves :)
Even thought my posts are posted in the correct timeframe, I clearly am backdating.  So, since that's out in the open, I'm feeling free to include the rest of these pictures of Graham even though they will look like they were taken in the future ;)
Some pre-bath cuteness!  LOVE these wide eyes :)
Tummy time!  Graham has SUCH a strong neck!
Bathtime!!!  Baby tub inside Mommy and Daddy's huge tub :)
While the first few baths did not go so well, Graham now loves his bath as long as he is post-nap and well fed...
Squeaky clean!
All snuggly and ready for bed!
Graham is doing great!  We have really been blessed with another sweet boy :)  He is pretty much eating me out of house and home already--not going much longer than three hours between feedings, even at night.  But, that's ok!  At his one month check-up (he was really five weeks), he had gained NINE ounces in a week!  WOO HOO!!!  The doctor was THRILLED :)  He now weighs 9 lbs 12.6 ozs (36th %) and is 21 inches long (32nd %).  His head circumference is 15 inches (77th %)!

He doesn't have much of a schedule yet, but he does like to hang out in his swing in the mornings.  This tends to be a good little awake time.  The longest stretch of sleep he gives us is in the later evening, but of course not when we are ready for bed yet ourselves :/  If he wakes up to eat around 6 or so in the morning, he is usually not interested in being laid back down by himself.  He lies there and grunts and fusses until we pick him up and hold him up right.  For the most part, however, even though he gets up a few times in the middle of the night, he goes right back to sleep.  I can handle that!

He LOVES Jackson, and the feeling is still very much mutual!  Jackson cannot give him enough hugs and kisses and he has started singing him songs--so sweet!  Graham is becoming pickier about where he naps during the day :(  His favorite place is in Mommy's arms, but that is just not always possible!  He does LOVE being carried in the Ergo or Moby Wrap carriers, but I'm sad to say he does not love the stroller yet :(  We haven't have very long strolls, so maybe once we get him on a nice, long walk, he'll like it...

Graham is lying in my arms as I type this, and I just cannot get enough of his sweet face!  I could not be any happier that we had added another boy to our family, or that he looks just like his big brother and daddy :)

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