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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!

We kick-started 4th of July this year with a neighborhood bike parade!!!  Here is Jackson's bike all ready to go!  I dropped the ball a little on decorations, and didn't have time to run out for anything.  I took the paper chain idea and ran with it--he had a red, white and blue chain dangling from each handlebar.  A homemade sign complete with pom poms, some streamers, and some red, white and blue paper stars on his helmet and Jackson was ready to go!
Josh wore Graham in the Ergo for the parade and I decked them out with some stars too :)
Baby Graham :)
Riding around the cul-de-sac pre-parade!
The parade leader complete with  an American flag!
En route
All the Otter Pops you could eat at the end :)  It was already into the 90s by this time--10:30 AM!!!
After cooling off and a nap, the Yanceys and Bashores came over to eat a yummy grilled dinner!  I had the kids help me decorate our patriotic dessert...
Taking turns adding the blueberries...
Then the strawberries...
Finished product!!!  And, it was DELICIOUS!
Levi was in HEAVEN when I pulled out all the baby toys!
Kids' table
We relaxed at the house, and then we headed over to Montclair (subdivision about ten minutes away) to join the Walburgers for fireworks!  They were invited by their bishop from church who lives on the golf course there.  He invites the church members to watch from the hole behind his house.  While it was no DC or Chicago display, it was just perfect for our little audience!
Aimee was nice enough to adorn Jackson and Rachel with light-up bracelets and necklaces!
Silly faces!
Happy 4th of July, Graham!
Jackson did cover his ears during the fireworks, but overall, they were a hit!  We had SUCH a fun day full of good friends--our favorite :) :) :)

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