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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yes, We Cantaloupe

So last week I fibbed a bit... Josh is the one that guessed pineapple and I just agreed with him. Now that that is out in the open, I can freely share that he guessed right again this week! By the end of this week (week 34) Sam will weigh about as much as the average cantaloupe (about 4 3/4) pounds! He will also be about 18 inches long. I can tell he's definitely getting longer as he tries to stretch out in my stomach. I had read that babies stop kicking as much as they get bigger and my doctor clarified that they don't move less, they just move differently. That's totally true. He is moving ALL the time now! Log rolls, curling up , standing on his head, punching out his little hands...he does it all! Sam's filling out (in other words, getting a bit fatter) and his central nervous system and lungs are maturing. While we are definitely moving closer and closer to The Big Day (whenever that should come), we are still encouraging Sam to keep cooking as long as possible!

We are a bit nervous as to what comes after cantaloupe...there are still six more to go...

1 comment:

Allison said...

Oh're getting dangerously close to watermelon! You might run out of room for Sam when he gets to that size!