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Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Tomorrow???

Well, tomorrow is D-Day (Due Date)! We can't believe it's here already! October seemed so far off nine months ago... For the last month we have been semi-prepared because, technically, Sam could decide to come at any point. Apparently, that was not necessary. Our doctor's appointment last week showed no new progress. Sam's head was still pretty high and he wasn't making any signs of coming out soon. We realize that all could change at any time, but seeing as I'm carrying this baby, I'm not feeling any big difference yet. We have our next (and last?) appointment tomorrow morning and there will be discussion of how next to proceed.

Josh and I decided that it was time to really act like Sam was coming tonight. We decided when we go out later tonight we will throw my stuff in the car...just in case. That way, it will also be there in the morning in case we for some reason don't get to come home. So, I spent today as if it were my last day without a baby! I stayed in my pajamas until about 2pm and finished up the little things left on my to-do list. The house is clean, my bags are totally packed, and after I write a few thank you notes and pay the bills, we will be as ready as ever. Now, I know that pretty much guarantees there will be no excitement in the next 24 hours, but it can't hurt to be ready!

We'll keep you posted...

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