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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ten Days Down...

We have successfully survived the first ten days since Jackson joined us :) I am happy to report that I think we would be a very boring "Bringing Home Baby" episode. Definitely not enough drama here. Jackson is so expressive already. I love all of his little faces, especially looking at his eyes when he's awake! Sometimes when he is really excited about eating, he snorts! He makes a face with it that looks just like a little piglet! Here's a brief rundown of what I have learned so far:

**ALWAYS take care to cover any orifice that might squirt bodily fluids when changing diapers. It took many squirts for me to fully realize this...

**Taking a shower might be the most productive thing you do in a day.

**The Boppy is the BEST invention EVER!

**As much as I miss being pregnant, the feeling of taking Jackson out and having people ooh and aah over him is just as good :)

**Napping when the baby naps is harder than it sounds...I'm working on making that a better habit...

**A pediatrician you love is a very comforting feeling.

**Any outing is a good time once you've been home for a few days (I broke down in tears of excitement when Josh said sure we could go to the grocery store later that night!)

**While the nurses and doctors mean well at the hospital, and might be very helpful, you will get different advice every time someone comes in your room. It is best to just pool it all together and take from it what you can.

**We have taken more pictures in ten days than I have any idea what to do with! Thank goodness for digital!

**Having a helpful husband makes ALL the difference in the world!

**As a wise woman once told me: Get ready to do everything that you said you wouldn't do!

1 comment:

eringh said...

Jackson is BEAUTIFUL! You guys look like you're adjusting quite well! One tip for napping while he does, do it in another room! When Ben was a newborn I wouldn't stop staring at him, even to sleep! :)