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Friday, April 8, 2011

Crazy Busy Week!!!

Our house on Willowdale Court was officially listed for rent as of Tuesday.  I spent a good portion of Monday and Tuesday cleaning, packing, and finishing up some staging.  As of Wednesday morning at 10:30, we already had one call for a showing!  Our realtor is out of town, so Josh and I are happy to show people our house :)  I made the appointment for that first family to come through on Thursday evening.  Late in the afternoon on Wednesday I got a call from an agent that she wanted to show it that evening!  Luckily, Josh was just coming home so we tag-teamed running around and getting the house ready.  We took a little walk once the people got there so they could look around in peace.  

Thursday we headed out to visit our new house on the way to Brandi's for a playdate.  Not TOO much has changed, but we do have light fixtures, appliances, a light post out front, a poured driveway, and address numbers on the porch!  Here are some pictures of those little touches.  We are still waiting on siding, carpeting, the final coat of paint insides and a few other things.
While we are at Brandi's, I got a call from an agent who wanted to show the house that afternoon between 11:30 and 2.  That was quite the window, but we left a little early to get home in time for the showing.  The couple was great and didn't mind Jackson staying downstairs watching TV, so that made it a bit easier for me!  After they left it was naptime after which Jackson spent a lot of time playing his new game of running his little cars through his Mega Bloks castle! It's a great game that shows his growth in play.  He is pretending more and making the cars do lots of things.  I love seeing his little imagination poke through :)  Anyways, around 4:30, our showing for last night called and confirmed.  They also wondered if they could come early.  After finding out they were already in the neighborhood, I said sure.  Since they did not have an agent, I stuck around and showed them around a little.  I tried to chat and tell them all the great things about the house and neighborhood.  We were standing in the kitchen and they were sort of asking each other what next.  I said, "Do you guys like it?"  They definitely did and wanted it!!!  WOO HOO!!!  I told them I'd get in touch with our realtor and see what the next step was.  Within a couple of hours I had them in touch with Leslie (our realtor) and she had send them an application to start the process!  I definitely think this family was meant to be.  We are now keeping our fingers crossed...

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