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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Check out this ADORABLE apron Brandi made for Jackson!!!  She had tipped me off to what she was making, and on Friday I might have mentioned Brandi was bringing a surprise for Jackson when I laid him down for a nap.  He did take a pretty good nap, and as soon as he woke up he said, "Brandi?  Prize?"  This kid doesn't forget ANYTHING!  Oy...  Anyways, here is the model showing off his "prize!"  The apron is double-sided: One side for cooking and one side for arts-n-crafts :)  The fabric is actually from some projects I had my friend, Becca, make for holiday gifts.  She sent along the leftover pieces, and Brandi has worked wonders with them!
Just a funny little dialogue we've had going:

Scene: Family walk.  Mommy and Daddy really want to have a conversation about a few things, but Jackson is quite chatty and keeps interrupting.  

Mommy: Why don't you keep your eyes open for some deer?
(continued chatter)
Mommy:  Jackson, do you think we'll see any bears?  Moose?  Elephants?  Monkeys?

(continued chatter through most of walk)

A few days later...
Mommy: Jackson do you want to go for a walk with Paxton?
Jackson: Open eyes.  Monkeys.

Mommy: Yes, you can keep your eyes open for monkeys!
Jackson: Bears?  Elephants?  Open eyes!

A different day...
Jackson is sitting in his Cozy Coupe in the family room looking out on to the deck:
Jackson (whispering): Bears?  Elephants?  Moose?  Monkeys?  Deer?

Daddy: Jackson, do you want to go for a walk on this nice day?
Jackson: Open eyes!  Monkeys!  Deers!

(lessened chatter during walk)
Jackson (periodically): Deers?
Mommy/Daddy: Yup, keep looking for deer.

Jackson: Frogs?
Mommy/Daddy: We might see frogs.  Keep looking!

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