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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Update on 4259 Talon Dr.

I haven't posted for a while about the progress on our new house because I wasn't sure how to share the pictures.  Josh and I went on March 14th for our pre-dry wall walk-through.  We walked through the whole house with our project manager and got to see where all of the wiring, plumbing, etc. goes.  It was SO neat to get to see the "insides" of our house!  I chose just a few pictures to give the feeling of that phase. 
This first picture is the master bedroom/bathroom area.  
The second picture is of the stairs going up from the entryway.  
The third picture is of standing in the living room looking into the dining room and kitchen.
The back of our house.  Josh and I are still trying to figure out what our fencing situation will be, but this is all our land...

We didn't see the house at all while Jackson and I were in IL, but Jackson and I went first thing Tuesday morning the 29th when we got back.  By then everything was dry-walled!  The rooms are BEAUTIFUL!  I took a few pictures that day, but then Josh and I went back Thursday night and again this afternoon :)  On Tuesday the guys were installing our kitchen cabinets.  There were random other components of the house stashed in other rooms and in the garage.  On Thursday, the counters and cabinets had been installed in all of the bathrooms.  The banister was also installed on the stairs.  When we pulled up today, we saw the stone had gone up on the front of the house!  It looks SO pretty!  The floors are also in in the kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and foyer.  I am LOVING seeing all of our choices come together!!!  My favorite place by far is the kitchen--I can't wait to get in there and create lots of yummy things!
 Planning all of the yummy things we will bake!
 Living room and dining room
 View from living room of door to garage, hallway to family room/playroom/powder room/ and stairs

As far as moving, we have a final walk-through date of Tuesday, APRIL 19th and a closing date of Tuesday, APRIL 26th.  We cannot believe we will own this house in the month of April!!!  Our townhouse goes on the market this coming Tuesday for rent.  Ideally we will find a tenant to move in in May, but who can be flexible and move in around May 9 or 10th.  We would like to spend the first week or so painting and installing blinds and window treatments.  Then we would move on Saturday the 7th and be in our new home to celebrate my THIRD Mother's Day!  FUN!  We definitely plan to be flexible, but that's the plan :)

There are a TON more pictures at this link: Coming Soon: 4259 Talon Dr.

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