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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Belly Report: Ten Weeks!

On Sunday we celebrated reaching double digits with this pregnancy--ten weeks!!!  The past week was a rough one since it's the week that Dottie/Meemaw passed away :(  We had planned on telling Josh's family soon, but this was clearly a good time to announce a little distraction.  The news spread pretty quickly, and that was a little weird having some people we didn't know or barely knew find out before good friends at home.  I CANNOT wait to get home to tell the rest of our good friends and family!!!

Jackson is absolutely A.DOR.ABLE about the baby in Mommy's tummy :)  Most chances he gets he points to my belly and asks, "Mommy, baby still in your belly?"  We have talked about how the baby isn't coming out yet because it needs to grow and get healthy before it can come out.  Periodically he says, "Baby will walk?  Baby will talk?  I remind him that the baby won't be able to walk or talk right away.  We talk about the things that would be nice and gentle.  Every few days Jackson's answer as to whether he wants a baby sister or a baby brother changes...maybe that's good since we can't really do anything about it now!  He is going to be SUCH a good big brother!!!

On a brighter note, we had an excellent doctor appointment today!!!  Dr. Hibshman did another ultrasound (YAY!) and we saw a bigger blob--the heartbeat was easier for me to see this time.  It looked like tiny hand clapping really fast :)  We also made sure there was just one heartbeat...  LOL  I feel like everything is going faster and happening sooner this time around--I just started panicking that there were twins in there!!!  I only gained two pounds which bodes well for heading to Chicago to kick off the holiday season...  HA!

Our baby is the size of a kumquat now!  He/She is about an inch long and weighs less than a quarter of an ounce--how can something THIS small make me feel SO different???  CRAZY!  This tiny thing is busy too: this is the beginning of the fetal period when tissues and organs grow quickly and mature.  The kidneys, intestines, brain, and liver are starting to function already!  If we could see that closely, we could see finger and toe nails and peach fuzz growing on his/her skin.  His/Her limbs can bend and the outline of the spine is visible.  For some reason all of the development milestones are more amazing to me this time...

Flashback: Double Digits!

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