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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Belly Report: 1/3 Finished!

We are twelve weeks along!!!  I am starting my second trimester this week (the thirteenth week) :)  The baby is now the size of a lime--oh, how I wish I could have a margarita ;)

I'm feeling better in the sense that I have a bit more energy and my appetite is regulating a little...  Greasy food and my original stand-bys still sound the best most of the time.  My symptoms are staying the same mostly.  Heartburn is increasing a bit, and I noticed over the last week that my hips start to hurt if I sit in the same position for a long time.  My arms are also falling asleep during the night when I sleep on my side with my arm bent...  Weird!  I think the mantra of this pregnancy is definitely going to be how fast everything seems to be showing up this time around...

I have gone shopping ON Black Friday before, but never in true Black Friday fashion where I get up early and go when the stores open.  This year stores opened at 9pm and midnight, and that sounded WAY more appealing!  I'd rather stay up late than get up in the middle of the night.  I wanted to head to Kohl's to check out the maternity clothes.  Mom was more than happy to go with me, and Larry offered to be our chauffeur!  He was awesome!  I would highly recommend hiring him for your Black Friday outing next year :)  We had a really fun time, but the two stores we went into at the mall were plenty for us.  As I found out last time, maternity pants are amazingly comfortable--they are not failing to disappoint this time ;)

Our baby has reflexes now!  According to what I've read, if I poke my belly, the baby will squirm in return, but I won't be able to feel it.  Fun!  I CANNOT wait until I can feel him/her kick!!!  Our baby's face looks more like you would expect, and his/her eyes have moved from the sides to the front of his/her face.  Now our baby measures just over two inches long and weight half an ounce!  How can something this small make all of these changes?!?!?!

Last time we were pregnant we referred to the baby as Sam while it was in utero.  We like the name Sam a lot, but Sam Smith doesn't sound like our cup of tea.  We wanted to do something similar this time, so we will go with Sammy.  Still could be male or female, but it seemed weird to "re-use" the same nickname...  So, from now on the baby will be referred to as Sammy :)

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