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Friday, November 25, 2011

Jackson's Big Boy Room!!!

Our transition to a Big Boy Bed began unexpectedly while we were on vacation at Virginia Beach when Jackson outgrew the Pack-n-Play.  I am SOOO glad I was "forced" into just diving in since I was a bit nervous about this transition.  Jackson still LOVED his crib, and that wasn't a problem.  But, if we wanted to continue our flexibility with travel and sleeping away from home, we needed to be able to have Jackson just sleep in a big bed.  He did AWESOME!  This made me very un-nervous about the actual transition at home!

We made our soft deadline Thanksgiving since we'd be spending that in Evanston at Mimi and Bampa's, and the Pack-n-Play wasn't an option anymore.  Josh decided to build Jackson's bed!!!  It turned out fabulously--Jackson LOVES his bed that Daddy built :D

After Josh finished building the bed, we painted it all white and I stenciled in the colored letters at the foot of the bed spelling out Jackson's name.
 I had plenty of extra decals from when we set up Jackson's room in May, so I just did a little adding and rearranging to complete the decorations.
Jackson feels so special that Daddy made him a super special bed--he LOVES his new room :)
The bed compliments Jackson's rocket ship bookcase quite well :)  I am SO happy with the final product--the room looks so different a good way!

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