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Friday, November 4, 2011

THREE Year Check-Up!

Last Thursday I took Jackson for his three year check-up!!!  It had been a while since we were at the pediatrician--I guess that means he's been pretty healthy this year!  I didn't really talk this visit up, so the first Jackson knew of it was when he woke up from his nap and I told him we were going to the doctor!  He has some experience with me going to the doctor for random things and taking Pax to the vet.  He assumed we were taking Pax to the doctor for his tummy.  I told him that it was HIS turn to go to the doctor since he is now three and needs to get checked out!  He was all about this outing!

Jackson played right along with the nurse as she asked him all sorts of questions--he did awesome!  This was the first time in three years that Jackson did NOT cry when he was weighed--LOL  For some reason the scale was always traumatic...  He liked the slider on the height ruler that went up and down to get an accurate measurement.  He even completed an eye exam!  (They used shapes instead of letters.)  Once in the exam room Jackson was asked to stand on one leg and to copy a circle the nurse drew.  He got his blood pressure taken for the first time, too.  By the time Dr. Kernan came in, he was warmed up and quite chatty.  He told her he was three, what foods he liked to eat, that he likes to ride his bike, and what he likes to play with.  I have to brag that Jackson didn't even cry when he got his flu shot!!!  He did get this quick look of horror on his face, but the nurse was awesome and was all peppy about it telling him what a good job he did when she was done.  SOOO proud!  We got a Mickey Mouse sticker on the way out and were good to go :)

Height: 38" (59%)
Weight: 34 lbs (72%)

Jackson loves playing with Josh!  He usually attacks him as soon as he gets home:
"Daddy?  Wanna play with me?"
play ball
Hide and Seek is also a favorite.  We LOVED this hiding pose :)

Jackson's favorite activities to do with me are probably baking and reading :)  Tonight he called me from the other room just to cuddle!
He LOVES the reaction he gets from being silly with props--hats, dresses, capes, goggles, sunglasses

Things Jackson can do or loves doing:
speak using longer sentences
point out pretty flowers/clouds
remember locations once we pull up (and which way to turn sometimes!)
playing outside with friends in neighborhood
excellent on his trike
identify all letters and most numbers
plays a categorizing game that Josh made up
"reading" books
singing songs (finally!)

When getting ready to go somewhere I often say, "When it's time to go, it's time to go!"  A couple of weeks ago, Jackson took it one step further and said, "When it's time to sing songs, it's time to sing songs!"  This was in reference to storytime at the library.  Sure enough, Jackson was super excited for the songs during storytime--this is definitely a new phase!  I love it :)

LOVES Waxie Bear (Paxton)!!!
LOVES Baby Levi (our friends'/neighbors' little guy)
"Daddy, you're my best friend!"
"Baby Levi is my best friend!"
"That's my favorite!"
"That's my special ________"
I just love the expression on both of our faces!

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