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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cabbage Head

And we have our second comparison to a type of cabbage...we still haven't seen a Chinese cabbage in the produce department at the grocery store, but by the end of this week, Sam will weigh about three pounds equalling the weight of a head of cabbage! There is also about a pint and a half of amniotic fluid surrounding him, which explains the sloshing sensation I feel at times ;) A good example of how much babies change in the first few weeks of life is this: when Sam comes out, his vision will be 20/400! That's crazy! He won't be able to focus on anything too far away and will mostly notice changes in light.

Apparently I have new bouts of clumsiness and mood swings to look forward to. Poor Josh! I've been doing pretty well lately with the whole moodiness thing, but I'm sure it will spike again soon :/ I'm also sad that sleeping through the night is no longer an option. I suppose it's preparing me for the first part of Sam's life, but wouldn't it be more kind to let me just keep sleeping comfortably right now? I'm already carrying this little guy around everywhere I go--what more does he want?!

We have started childbirth classes and I think they will be really useful. Last week was the first week and some of the stories our nurse shared were really funny! It makes me want to commit even more to being a flexible person once I go into labor. I really want to start being a more flexible person in general and I am aiming to be the most flexible during that whole experience. (All of you that are laughing at me--I can hear you! I really can do this!) :P
P.S. The picture for last week didn't upload when I posted, but it is there now!


Michelle Sandler said...

Hey! Sounds like you and your little cabbage are doing well for the most part. Do you think you might name him Sam?

J-Diddy said...

I wonder whose job it was to go to the grocery store, buy one of each of these things, then bring them back to the shop and take a picture of each one beside a quarter.

I appreciate the spatial reference, and am mostly jealous that my job isn't something similar.