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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cauliflower Head

Since I'm a little late posting this week's update, all of this info applies to Sam's accomplishments by Tuesday :) He will weigh almost two pounds (about the weight of a head of cauliflower) and measure about 14.5 inches long! He is awake at regular intervals (I can attest to that!). Since he started moving, Sam has been a fan of late-night, but now he is usually awake for a chunk of the afternoon! Today we saw him going to town across my belly for a good few minutes! We read that Sam's brain is very active now since more brain tissue has developed. I guess that's good! We do feel a bit relieved that if for some unknown reason Sam felt the need to come into the world now, he'd have a pretty good chance of surviving, but we are continuing our discussions about staying in for a good while longer :)

While I haven't officially entered my third trimester, I am feeling much more pregnant these days. I am definitely enjoying air conditioning and am feeling the need to eat smaller meals (but definitely lots of them) since there isn't as much room inside me anymore. We got a really good report at the doctor a week and a half ago and have our official start date for childbirth classes! YAY! I have my glucose test on Monday, but I'm not terribly worried about that. Hopefully that will show all is well too--cross your fingers :)


J-Diddy said...

I never really paid attention to how much cauliflower looks like brains. Delicious brains.

Jeanne said...

How about comparing him to the size of something delicious? Like 2 lbs of ice cream or a giant chocolate egg. I don't know Sam yet, but I think that he would appreciate the finer things in life

Daner said...

I think that's an EXCELLENT plan! I'll make that suggestion ;)