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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Gym Time!

Aren't these sunglasses amazingly adorable?!

We have had SUCH a good visit in Evanston over the last week and a half!!!  Jackson has loved having Mimi and Bampa's attention, and we both have loved hanging out with good friends who we don't get to see nearly often enough :(  Luckily, my friend, Kim, is getting married at the beginning of July, so we will be back soon-ish...

On Friday we got to hang out with Auntie Cassie and Jonah all morning!  Jackson and Jonah had a GREAT time and played so well together!  Their favorite game was chase through the kitchen and dining room, but it was followed closely by playing in a big empty box!  Auntie Cassie took a few pictures on her camera, and I will share them once she shares with me :)

Saturday was such a fun day (in different ways for different people!).  We met Bampa at Roycemore so Jackson could have the run of the gym and all of the fun equipment to play on! He tried the balance beam first, and he was really unsure right away.  After a couple of tries, he totally got how to put one foot in front of the other!  I love watching his confidence grow when he tries new things :)  
He really wasn't interested in the rings which made me sad!  They were definitely one of my favorite things!  
Next we played with a scooter and balls.  
Bampa brought out a tunnel for Jackson to crawl through--he loved it, especially when he realized he could peek through the mesh part and see us.  
Bampa also brought out the beat board, and Jackson and Bampa had a good time jump, jump, jumping!  
Jackson got to explore the Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten rooms, too.  He LOVED the fish in the JK room--he couldn't get close enough to them and kept trying different chairs to get closer!  LOL  
In the Kindergarten room he got to look in a microscope at some rocks.  He thought that was pretty cool!  I loved watching him in both rooms--I know it will be time before I know it for him to be in school...  
After playing, we all went to Big Herms for lunch.  Jackson LOVES going there for french fries.  He is getting really comfortable there, and he marched right in saying, "Hi Scott!  Hi Craig!"  (Except Craig comes out Crap!  HA HA HA!  That one was hard not to laugh at...) 

After nap time, Jackson enjoyed some popcorn snacks and March Madness with Bampa :)  After dinner, Mom and I had a date including Barnes and Noble and seeing "Just Go With It."  It was a fun and relaxing evening :)

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