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Friday, September 23, 2011

Now We'll Use Our Backyard!

There was SO much we wanted to do right away to really feel like we "finished" our house, but there's only so much you can do right away!  We were thrilled to find our the project manager for our house was someone we really trusted, and wanted to keep working with :)  Tom was amazing during the whole house-building process, and he built us a beautiful deck!!!  
The deck right off of the kitchen
A view from the yard
A different view from the other side of the yard

Once we got the deck finished, Josh set about making us an area to sit outside and relax around a fire.  We had a deck with patio space when we lived in Illinois, and we LOVED hanging out around the fire with friends in the evenings.  We are SO happy to have a new space to do that here :)
View of the firepit/patio from the deck
Josh, Scott, and Joe were awesome and moved all of our brick pavers from our old house to the new house, so Josh was able to build most of our patio area with those!  Then, he and Jackson took several "special trips" into the woods behind our house to gather filler rocks.  Jackson LOVED being part of the building process, but it might be a little while before he can stay up late enough to enjoy the actual fire part...


Cozy in Texas said...
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Kristyn said...

Everything looks great!!! Can't wait for it to get a little cool so you can enjoy the fire pit! Congrats :)