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Friday, September 16, 2011

Words to Remember

While shopping at the mall with my mom, anytime he saw something purple, Jackson said, "That's Kaitlyn's!  Give it back her!"  (KK has a purple Pillow Pet, so apparently Jackson thinks all things purple belong to her...???)

The other morning Jackson came into the kitchen while I was using the food processor, and he held his hands out in front of him, shook them side to side, and said, "Mommy, be quiet!  (whispering) My show is on!"

In the kitchen, Jackson stepped on Pax's paw and said, "Oh!  I sorry Waxie Bear!  I step on your foot!  I sorry!"

We went to the grocery store while I wasn't feeling great (allergies?), and I had told Jackson that I was tired and didn't feel well.  He asked me part way through if I was still tired.  When I told him I was, he said, "Mommy tired.  You get comfy on the couch.  You'll feel better!"  He gave his prescription with a super cute concerned look on his face.  Then he gave me a little kiss :)

On the same shopping trip, I kissed the top of Jackson's head.  He looked up at me and said, "That was nice!"  He asked to kiss my cheek and then told me to say the same thing to him!  LOL

Jackson and Josh took a "special trip" into the woods to look for rocks to complete our patio/firepit area.  Jackson told Josh he was too busy so could Josh please carry him!

The day after Jackson's first special trip with Daddy, we couldn't find his most favorite airplane.  Jackson whispered to me that he would ask the owls when he and Daddy went on another special trip that afternoon.  Where did that come from???  

I took Jackson to Kohl's yesterday, and I took him in the dressing room to try on some pants (first time for that!).  He looked so cute in the new pants and his bare toes sticking out, so I said, "There is some serious cuteness going on!"  Jackson said, "I'm cute!"  I laughed and told him that he was.  But then I asked him what he should say when someone gives him a compliment.  He said, "Wassssuuuuppppp!"  (This is Josh and Joe's special greeting, and Jackson has learned how to say it too.  He's been practicing saying it to Joe, and I guess that is also how he will acknowledge comliments...???)

I feel like there have been SO many more funny conversations had this week, but they are escaping me now...  It is really fun to listen to Jackson string together more and more words (although we are in another cycle of not being able to understand him 100% of the time since he's using more words and talking faster)--he has quite an imagination budding :)

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