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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our Long-Awaited Mimi Visit!!!

Sadly, I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked during my mom's visit, BUT we were busy and we had such a good time!!!  My mom was supposed to come in August with my dad, but she couldn't due to her sciatica nerve acting up :(  The bright side was we got two separate trips out of the original one--that was nice!

Mom flew in on Thursday the 8th, and we went right away to Josh's office so she could see his new office!!!  We also walked over and had Cosi for lunch.  This was strangely reminiscent of exactly how we started off my dad's trip!  Mom and I brought Jackson home for a nap, and later that evening we went to Wegman's for dinner!  We ate upstairs in their cafe area and also bought some yummy groceries :)  TERRIBLE rain had started on our way to dinner, and many roads were closed due to high water once we started our usually short drive home.  We finally made it, and we were SO happy to have a garage when we got home!  It was crazy to watch the rain for the rest of the night!

Friday was much clearer for the most part!  We spent the morning shopping and then stopped to have lunch.  We had planned to take Jackson to the library on Thursday, but it got postponed due to Josh getting off work earlier that we had thought.  We thought we'd just go Friday afternoon instead, but the Prius was in the shop getting new tires, so by the time we picked it up, the library was almost closed :(  I felt so bad for Jackson, but he got in 10 minutes and seemed happy with that!  That night we tried out a new chinese restaurant in our neighborhood, and it was SO good!  

We bummed around on Saturday during the day, but then we had a fun evening :)  We had planned to grill pizzas for dinner and have the Yanceys over.  Then Mom, Susie, and I were going to go see a movie while the guys hung out.  There was a sneak preview playing for "How Does She Do It?" but it was much closer to Susie and Joe's house.  So, we invited ourselves over there, took the ingredients for dinner, made dinner, and then went on our way!  It was such a cute movie and so fun to go to the movies :)

On Sunday, we took Mimi to the National Zoo!  Jackson had been looking forward to this for WEEKS!  We had such a nice morning checking out the animals and having lunch :)
On Sunday night we went to Tim's Rivershore Restaurant and Crabhouse with Mom.  We had such a good time when we went with Dad, that we had to make sure Mom got the full experience :)  This time we tried to choose a slow time (we succeeded there) so we could easily get a table by the water--SO nice!  Jackson had a great time checking out the few boats that were docked, and we all enjoyed the beautiful evening!  I was sad I forgot my camera because there would have been some good photo ops...

We hung out Monday morning, had a late breakfast with Josh, met a friend for a later lunch, and then helped Josh plan out our new firepit-patio area before taking Mom to the airport.

As always the trip went by way too fast, and I am now counting down the days until we drive out for Thanksgiving!!!

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