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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Surprise Party for Meemaw!!!

This is quite a belated post, BUT we did indeed spend the weekend in Staunton a couple of weeks ago!  We were supposed to drive down on Thursday night and stay through Sunday, BUT that was when Hurricane Irene was headed our way (yes, this was the same week as the earthquake... and we have since had monsoon like rains and floods--FUN STUFF!!!).  Since we haven't lived in our house long enough to see how it stands up to extreme weather, we were nervous about things like the sump pump not keeping up with the predicted amounts of rain and trees from the woods in our backyard falling on the roof...  We waited until Friday morning so Josh could check the most recent forecasts, and at that point it seemed like we should be in the clear if we left.  

We drove Friday morning and got to Uncle Larry and Aunt Murph's house around lunchtime.  Jackson and I hung out there with lunch and a nap while Josh drove to Covington to pick up Meemaw.  Once everyone was home from work, we had pizza for dinner and just hung out.  

On Saturday we had big plans to hit up the farmer's market and the playground, but it started raining :(  We were able to get out a few times to walk with Pax, but otherwise we were inside watching everyone enjoy Jackson :)  Meemaw didn't know it, but there were a few more guests than she knew about attending the BBQ that afternoon: her sister, Lil, and Lil's two children and their significant others arrived which was really exciting!  Jackson took a lovely 3-hour nap so that got my night off to a good start ;)  We enjoyed YUMMY dinner and desserts before Meemaw opened her presents.  During the party we did get a good rainstorm, but nothing very hurricane-like!  

On Sunday we hung around the house before packing up the car at naptime to head home and assess any damage (there was none--phew!).  Meemaw's birthday isn't until this coming weekend, but we were all happy to have an excuse to celebrate early!
 Danny showed Jackson some fun features on his phone--friends for life :)
 Checking out some of the great pictures Sherry was taking.
 Jackson LOVED bringing Meemaw her presents to open!  He kept wanting to "plier" them with his pliers...
 Silly boys!
 The party-goers: Uncle Wayne, Goldie, Robert, Sherry, Mike, Aunt Lil, Meemaw, Aunt Murph, Uncle Larry
Aunt Jeannie, Dana, Judy, Danny
(Josh took the picture)
An updated immediate-Smith-family-member picture!

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