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Friday, September 2, 2011

A Weekend of Friends

(We are still re-winding to a couple weekends ago!  These days were August 20-21.)

7:30am: Wake up to make breakfast burritos for breakfast before the Buerstattes left
9:00am: We all were planning to leave and go our separate ways, BUT Scott's car wouldn't start :(
9:30am: Josh gets Scott's car jumped, and we all head out
10:45am: We arrive at the Bascoms' house in Leesburg for a fun-filled Bascom-Smith Day!
11:15am: We all leave for the Luckett's Fair!
11:45am: We enjoy the small petting zoo at the fair.  Jackson loved using the brushes set out to brush the various animals!  We saw sheep, llamas, goats, pigs, chickens, baby chicks, porcupines, and a turtle!
 12:30pm: Picnic lunch followed by playground time and balloons made by a balloon guy at the fair!
2:30pm: Arrive back at Sarah and David's for nap time!
2:30-5:30pm: We relaxed, the guys started the grill for dinner, and various kids woke up and played
6:30pm: Delicious dinner of grilled steak and chicken, salad, and baked beans!

7:15pm: Load up the strollers to walk into Downtown Leesburg to listen to a bit of Acoustic on the Green!  Sarah and David live right by the W&OD Trail, so we had a really nice walk down the trail into Downtown.  The kids sat for a little bit listening to the music, but then we turned around and headed home so it wasn't TOO dark...
 9:00pm: We got back to Sarah and David's!  All of the kids got quick baths, and then Jackson got to stay up with us as we enjoyed a delicious chocolate chip cookie souffle dessert Sarah made!  He was so cute all snuggled up on the couch watching "Little Einsteins!"
 11:00pm: We were back at our own house :)  It was a busy, but wonderful day!  We don't get to spend nearly enough time with Sarah, David, Maddie, and Brodie, so we make the most of it when we have a date :)
Sunday was a day we had been looking forward to since our moving weekend: Joe is back in town for good!  He left for a deployment to Fort McCoy in Wisconsin the morning after our moving day, and is finally back in Springfield :)  We went over on Sunday after naptime and enjoyed both Five Guys and Dairy Queen in order to welcome Joe back in style!

Rachel was getting dressed up as soon as we got to the Yancey house, and Jackson turned to me and said, "I want to be a princess!"  So, Jackson took a turn with the blue Cinderella dress...
...and then had a turn with the purple outfit!
You never quite know what you will end up wearing, I suppose ;)

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