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Saturday, March 24, 2012

The First Palio at 1200 Davis St.!

Jackson's second Palio, but the first one in the new building!!!
 Check out the new gym!  Roycemore built this from scratch, and it is perfect!  A far cry from the gym that always had visiting schools stop in their tracks when we played sports asking if that was really the gym...  The picture above is only HALF of the new gym!
Last year, Jackson thoroughly enjoyed his first Palio (I wrote a lot more detail about the history in this old post), and he really liked watching the kids again!  The Lower School's serpentine with the class banners definitely gave me chills, especially since it's easier to imagine Jackson as a first grader (obviously, not at Roycemore since the commute would be killer, but all the same)!  
 After the Lower School finishes their opening, all of the class banners come through from First Grade through Twelfth Grade.  The banner on the left is my old banner, and it is graduating this year!!!  We handed it down to this year's senior class when they were in Kindergarten.
 I love watching the banners cross and parade around the gym!
 Jackson sat still as a statue as Bampa greeted everyone, and then as the kids started their performances :)
 I stayed to watch the Middle and Upper School Palio, and this time I was quick enough to catch my old banner crossing in front of the Palio banner :)
 The opening number was "Phantom of the Opera," and this music definitely sounded familiar!
 Oh yeah, I USED to be able to do that!  LOL  Seriously, I could!  Now I can't even imagine doing a forward pregnant you feel when there are high schoolers flying through the air in front of you ;)
The Grand Finale this year was music from "The Mask of Zorro," and the kids did a GREAT job!  It was so fun to be back and a part of the excitement to watch the first show in the new gym :)

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