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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Belly Report: Different the Second Time Around

I LOVE this shirt, but it's not going to fit much longer, so I wanted a front shot of it too :)
(written Tuesday, March 13th)
We are just over 27 weeks through this pregnancy!  I cannot believe that at yesterday's appointment the nurse told me we are going to start coming every TWO WEEKS!  I actually asked her if she was sure!  HA!  I had my regular check-up yesterday along with my glucose test.  Josh was super-excited for Jackson to hang out with him at work while I sat at our OB's office for the hour-long test.  The orange stuff seemed to taste a bit better than four years ago, and the whole thing went smoothly.  Sammy's heartbeat was about 154--super active!  The doctor was pleased with everything, so that part of the visit went really quickly.  I am measuring right on track for how far along we are, and everything seems good :)  I'm not expecting any surprises in the glucose test, but I will feel better once I know for sure everything looks good!

I already know that the biggest challenge I will face with Sammy is remembering he is a completely different child than Jackson.  I just know myself, and I know that this is the lesson I will be working on learning while getting to know him.  That being said, I suppose I'm practicing by learning that each pregnancy is different.  I KNEW that going in, but it's not until different things happen that you really "get it!"  Of course one big difference with this pregnancy is already having an almost 3 1/2 year old!  I do not generally enjoy extra attention focused on me--I didn't even want Josh and me to be formally introduced at our wedding!  Yeah, it's that bad...  But, I did really enjoy the attention on this little person I was growing while I was pregnant with Jackson.  I learned pretty early on that it wasn't going to be quite like that this time around since there is a lot of focus on Jackson becoming a Big Brother--and rightfully so!  But, Josh and I tried taking Jackson to the doctor with us early on, and I realized that if possible I REALLY wanted that time to be just Josh and me.  It might sound silly, but I needed to know that at those appointments, I would have his complete attention.  Thankfully, we are surrounded by wonderful friends who don't mind hanging out with Jackson while we get Sammy checked out :)

So, that all being said, I know some of my increased crankiness is due to not being able to just stop whenever I want and rest for me.  I need to try to rest when Jackson is in a restful mood (and really he's pretty good!).  I am definitely bigger at this point than I was at Jackson, so bending down has been harder for longer.  I also notice my feet and legs hurting, which I don't really remember from last time at all.  I was standing and ironing Josh's work shirts the other night and my feet were killing me afterwards!  On the bright side, I am sleeping really well still!  I was definitely expecting to be more uncomfortable by now!  I am using a pillow more frequently between my knees or under my belly, but that's an easy fix!

Sammy is about the size of a head of cauliflower this week (about 2 pounds in weight and 14 1/2 inches long)!  Sammy's brain is very active now and he is opening and closing his eyes, sucking his fingers, and sleeping and waking at regular intervals.  He continues to move ALL the time :)

(written Sunday, March 18th)
We are now 28 weeks along!  Josh and I never got a chance to check out our weekly update together (my fault), so I didn't have those details to add in to the first part of this post!  (But, I added them after we caught up on two weeks at once!)  So, now it's a two-parter :)  Jackson and I flew to Chicago on Thursday morning, and my feet and ankles were so swollen by that night!  It has gotten better, but they are still pretty puffy :(  I am hoping this is residual from the flight and not the new norm...  I made it all the way through the summer when I was pregnant with Jackson without much swelling at all!  My heartburn has gotten more severe when it happens :(  And, even thought I hadn't posted the first part of this update yet, I seemed to jinx myself in the sleeping department :(  That might be due to the crazy hot/humid temperatures we had last week...  The last couple nights at Mom and Dad's have been better.  The temps here are more moderate, and perfect for sleeping with the windows open :)

Sammy is now about the size of a Chinese cabbage (about 2.25 pounds and almost 15 inches in length)!  Sammy's eyesight is continuing to develop, and he might be able to see some light filtering in through the womb--crazy!  His brain is developing billions of neurons, and he is continuing to fatten up for life on the other side!  The 27 week update did mention that Sammy's lungs still have a ways to go until they are finished developing, but he would have a good chance of surviving outside of the womb at this point (with tons of medical attention, of course).  That is a slight relief...

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