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Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

Jackson also wore his basketball shirt in honor of Day #3 of March Madness :)

 Kim came over for some playtime in the morning!  We also took advantage of the beautiful weather and walked to Herms' for lunch :)
 After naptime, Mimi and I took Jackson to McDonald's to have his first Shamrock Shake!!!  These have been a favorite of mine for as long as I can remember, and I was looking forward to sharing one with him this year!
 He LOVED it and drank the majority of this large much for sharing!  Then he managed to put away a full dinner about an hour later!
 We also took Jackson's new book: The Big Sibling Book written by the amazing Amy Krouse Rosenthal!  She now has a multi-book series including: Bride to be Book, The Belly Book, My Baby Book, The Grandparent Book, Your Birthday Book, and The Big Sibling Book.  I LOVE how fabulous this series looks on my bookshelf--what a wonderful group of keepsake journals to remember some of the most important memories in life :)  I am SO sad that Bride to be Book was just written so I don't have that filled out for our wedding, and My Baby Book didn't come out until after Jackson's first year, so we don't have that baby book for him :(  Otherwise, we are working on keeping up with the whole series!!!
We filled out the beginning part, and Jackson got to draw a picture of himself, our family, and our house.  He also answered questions about how he feels about becoming a big brother (excited!), what he wants to do with the baby (play peek-a-boo), and details about our family :)

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