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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Two Boys Make a Messterpiece!

Jackson and Jonah had a super fun adventure at Make a Messterpiece in The Glen on Friday!!!  Cassie and I had wanted to try out this place for a while, but it is a pricey way to spend a morning/afternoon.  We jumped on the Groupon offer a couple months ago, and that was definitely the way to go!  We were a little nervous because Cassie and Jonah pulled up to a line of 30-40 kids waiting outside before they opened!!!  Luckily, this was a school group, and they had their own room reserved--phew!  Our Groupons were for the whole shebang: The Messiest Package ($22 normally, but we got it for $11!).  
 After checking in, getting dressed in a smock, and receiving our itinerary, we headed to our first timed activity: Creative Kitchen!  We got to participate in all six activities, but three were timed since they were more structured.  
Washing hands before getting started! (Bounty is a sponsor of MAM, and there were several handwashing stations throughout the store.)
The recipe for the day was Honey Granola!  The boys LOVED mixing their own bowls of ingredients and then putting them on a tray to bake!
Before heading to our next timed activity, the boys checked out Bubbleology.  I think this was Jonah's favorite :)  There were probably 12 of these metal bowl stations in the middle area.  Each bowl had a different colored bubble paint coming out.  
You put your sheet of paper in the bowl, push the button, and watch the bubbles pop on your paper and leave colored bubble prints behind!  SOOO cool!
The finished bubble painting project :)
Experimentation Station was our second timed activity, and the days activity was about worms!  
All goggled-up and ready to play scientist!
Jackson and Jonah got to drop some of the magic worm drops into their experiment.  The two things produced little, neon yellow worm-like things!  
Before heading to our last timed activity, the boys checked out the Splat-Tacular Tables!  The first thing they did was the science area.  There were supplies to check out samples of bugs and do rubbings over bug/insect stencils.
Lil' Sprouts was our last timed activity, and Jackson LOVED this!!!  They made butterfly suncatchers :)
First, they painted glue all over their wax paper.
Then, they added colored tissue paper squares to their glue papers.   
The butterfly cut-out went on last.
I was SHOCKED that Jackson wanted to go into Drum Roll.  Proud, but shocked ;)  There was a whole separate outfit to put on--rain jacket, rain pants, boots, and goggles!  There was a closed off room that had different instruments and watercolors.  The idea was to bang around and explore the sounds and the paint.  Jackson didn't stay in very long at all, but I was SO proud of him for trying it out :)
We headed back to the Splat-Tacular tables to end our visit.  There were several tables set up with different materials.  There were stamps, paint, stickers, various small items to glue on paper, and then easels set up with watercolors.  Jackson loved ALL of it!  Jonah really enjoyed exploring this area too--we think he dug the lack of structure and crowds ;)
Jackson painting with Mimi at the easels.
What a work of art :)
"I had a GREAT time :)"

Overall, I think we definitely went at a good age.  We almost felt like the boys were on the young side for some activities.  The advertisements for Make a Messterpiece states the activities are appropriate for ages 0-12.  Anything much younger than Jackson and Jonah would have the parent doing everything FOR the child.  I would not be thrilled if my field trip budget went towards a trip here... I do think this is a great birthday party location, and giving a gift certificate as a gift would be different and fun!  I would probably consider taking Jackson back if another Groupon pops up!

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