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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Belly Report: Cardio Check-ups All Around

We are currently 26 weeks pregnant!  Last week, Sammy was about the size of a rutabaga (13.5 inches long and about a pound and a half in weight).  A lot is going on cosmetically for Sammy: he is starting to get a bit chubbier and not so wrinkly and he is growing hair :)  This week, Sammy is about the size of an English hothouse cucumber!  (I remember this comparison cracking us up last time too!)  Sammy is well on his weigh to weighing two pounds and measures about 14 inches long.  I'm loving thinking about how Sammy can probably hear us all talking around him.  Jackson thinks it's neat when we remind him that his baby brother can hear the stories we read during the day :)  Most importantly, Sammy's body is working on preparing his lungs for life outside the womb.

Two Thursdays ago, my OB's office called to let me know my Vitamin D levels were still low, so now I'm taking 300 micrograms of Vitamin D instead of the original 100.  The nurse also asked if I had made an appointment to see my cardiologist to have a check-up yet.  I hadn't because Dr. Hibshman said scheduling the fetal echo was the most important order of business (and the clinic at the hospital could do that for us this time).  Plus, my cardiologist was on family medical leave for a couple of months.  Apparently the doctors decided they wanted me to go ahead and make an appointment for my own check-up.  I called my cardiologist's office, and not only was she back in the office, but they had an appointment for this past Monday!  That worked out well since Josh had the day off, so he stayed home with Jackson.  My appointment was at 8:30, but it was in Fairfax, so I left at 7:00 to give myself enough time.  I got there on time, but Dr. Lindsey was late due to a flat tire.  Part of me was happy to have time to sit and read my book ;)  I realized once they set me up in a room, however, that they had just scheduled me for a fetal echo since they knew I was pregnant!  Dr. Lindsey was great when she got there and explained she wanted to do her own fetal echo anyways, and she would see what she could do to squeeze me in to check me out too!  That was awesome because I would have hated to have driven out to the office and had Josh home with Jackson only to have to do it all again a different day to get my own check-up!  Sammy looks GREAT!  It was also confirmed, for the third time, that he is indeed a HE :)  His heart looks beautiful, but we will take him back for a check-up when he is a couple of weeks old just to make sure.  My echo looked great as well--that was especially good to hear since my body is pumping so much more blood while pregnant.  I think I finally got home around 12:30...  It was worth it to get two appointments knocked out and get such good reports :)

Sammy loves to hang out on my right side--pretty much has since I could feel him in there!  He still is moving ALL THE TIME--particularly at night when Josh and I relax and play Tetris Attack on Super Nintendo :)  Josh got to feel him go crazy the other night, and it was so fun!  I think I have felt Sammy's first set of hiccups, but I did forget a little bit what those felt like...

Josh has taken over bathtime and I'm counting down the days until I can wear flip-flops for good so I don't have to try to bend over to tie my shoes...

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