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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our Baby is a What?!

Well, by the end of week 36, Sam will weigh about as much as a...crenshaw melon??? What the heck is that?! It looks suspiciously like a pineapple and a cantaloupe got together and produced a new type of produce...

Anyways, Sam continues to grow! I'm doing my best to feed him well :) He should weigh close to six pounds and measure about 18 1/2 inches long. After looking at pictures of how different babies hang out in utero, we have determined that Sam's favorite position must be oblique. His head feels like it is down, but pointing more to the side than straight down, leaving his legs to move around LOTS! Sam is also losing most of the downy hair that had covered him as well as the vernix caseosa (the waxy stuff covering him).

Other than not sleeping very consistently, I am doing great! I am getting really excited to meet this little guy, but I also realize I've had a pretty easy time and should just enjoy it while I can!

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