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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

We Made It!

At the end of this week, Sam will eventually be considered full term! WOO HOO! There is a great sense of relief you feel knowing that if your baby decides to be born, there is much less risk of complications. We are encouraging him to keep cooking for a few more weeks, just to get the full effect of this gestation thing. By the end of this week, Sam will be about as long as...a stalk of swiss chard??? What the heck is THAT? Apparently that means he will be just over 19 inches long from head to heel and weigh over six pounds!

While at times it feels like Sam is intent on pounding his way out of me no matter how (through the belly button seems to be his current method of choice), I still haven't reached a state of discomfort. I don't think I want to do this forever, but I'm good for a few more weeks :) I haven't had any contractions yet and I haven't noticed him dropping. I don't think I will though, since I've carried him low the whole time. I am, however, running out of things to clean and organize! LOL

Last night we had great fun pushing on my belly to have Sam push back or move around. He is big enough that we see waves of movement along my belly! It's so cool!

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J-Diddy said...

The belly button will POP I can sense these things. I am an artist, remember?