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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Winter Break: Part 2: Chapter 3

Christmas morning got off to quite an early start... Jackson hasn't been quite himself for much or our two weeks away :( He seemed uncomfortable at my mom and dad's house and woke up the last few nights there really upset around 10 or 11. He started to have a little cough, but with such terrible honking sounds! We kept running the humidifier and tried to get him as much rest as possible. The one night we were home seemed to go well, as did naps. Pretty much our whole time in Covington was sleep deprived :( We realized we were in a cycle of early bedtimes due to early wake-ups and short naps. We tried to fix that and actually worked in three naps in order to help Jackson wait it out until 7 for bed. That didn't do much good since he was up again at 4:30 the next morning. Due to this crankiness and lack of sleep, none of us were in the best moods, which really stinks at this time of year! It's my favorite but even I can be brought down by very little sleep. Anyways, Josh was great and volunteered to get up Christmas morning with our buglet, but that ended up being at 4:20am! Poor Uncle Wayne was sleeping on the couch, but was a good sport and tried to lift the bug's spirits. Aunt Jeannie was also restless and up for a while. Josh kept bringing Jackson back in to lay down (he slept in our room that night) since he was clingy and rubbing his eyes. That didn't work until about 7. At that point we knew he needed a nap, but he wasn't going to do it with me in the same room. So, we layed him down and headed into the living room to watch one of many showings of "A Christmas Story." I did nap on the living room floor for a little, but it was still an interesting way to start the day...

Jackson woke up from his first nap and had a snack and opened some presents. He got some super cute outfits from Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Wayne! They are nice and big too so he can grow into them! He also got a really neat toy from Meemaw. It sings different rhymes and if you push a particular animal, it will sing the sound in that voice/sound! Here is Jackson again demonstrating the ultimate toy test! He climbed right into the box of this one! What a strange kid! After playing with his toys for a bit, Jackson went back down for a second nap while the rest of us saw what Santa brought us :)

Great Christmas day picture! Complete with new toys, a beloved "old" toy, and holiday antlers :)

Stories with Meemaw

Jackson has really started showing how much he loves his big, furry brother! It is SOOO cute! He leans down for puppy kisses all the time. The best part is that if I think Jackson is being too quiet in the other room, he is just playing with Paxton now! I'll peek my head around and see Paxie lying on the floor and Jackson sitting there petting him. They are so sweet!

Jackson and Meemaw had a fun little game where Jackson would sneak behind her chair and see her on one side. Then he would come over to the other side and get/give kisses :)

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