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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Vacation: Part 1: Chapter 4

I feel like Jackson has developed a new trick each day we've been here! Here's a run-down:

New Words
"hi-ya"= hi (not super reliable yet, but when he does say it, it is so cute!)
"uppy"= puppy (said for the first time while being licked within an inch of his life by Brandi's dogs, Jackson and Samson!
"buh-ay-uh-bee"= baby (yup, he makes it into almost a five syllable word)
"upey"= up please (he loves taking his big, green wagon down the one step into the addition room, but needs help dragging it back into the dining room)

New Tricks
Building with blocks
Climbing down the stairs (he can walk down holding on to someone's hand and he can climb most of the way down on his own)
Shakes his head "no" (I'm not super thrilled with this one since he doesn't quite get the meaning and if he's eating, he starts throwing all of his food on the floor...)
Sneak behind the couch to Pax's favorite spot and then crawl or walk behind the couch and come out on the other side

Cute Moments
How proud he is to show off his new, "real" shoes! He sticks his foot out to show people :)
Bringing his antlers over so he can wear them
Sharing Cheerios with Paxton when Grandpa throws them on the floor!

Jackson hasn't recovered quite as well from this long trip as he did at Thanksgiving. Most days have started at 5 or 5:30 (that's right: AM!) and he just is extra sensitive. He wakes up pretty upset from his naps and runs out of steam closer to 6 each night instead of the usual 7. I did see not one, but two teeth coming in on the top. While I'm sure this is the cause of a great deal of his crankiness, I'm still deciding what my Mother's Intuition is telling me about him not feeling well in a more medical sense...

I am thrilled to see that we might be making progress on the eating front. While Jackson is a wonderful eater of fruit and yogurt, I really would like him to expand his horizons on the veggie and protein front. I tried the Gerber Graduate blue tubs of spaghetti o's and mac and cheese and he LOVES them! They each have a serving of vegetables and some protein. The spaghetti o one has meat chunks! The mac and cheese one has actual pieces of veggies and Jackson eats them like it's nothing! YAY!

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