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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Winter Break: Part 3: Chapter 4

We have had such a nice day so far! The weather is pretty yucky, so we just stayed in. Jackson woke up for the first time at 5:20am and I decided if I'm really trying to get him back on track, I'm really doing it! Anything before 6am is not an option. So, he cried himself back to sleep (it took a pretty long time!). He got up again just before 7--much better! Since he had gotten up a little later than usual, he didn't go down for his nap until a touch later. It also took him a long time to settle down. He wasn't up from his nap until 11, and that pushed back his afternoon nap. Phew! Other than having a hard time getting to and staying asleep, Jackson has been so happy to play with his toys and his puppy! I came upstairs after throwing in some laundry and found him situated in James' car seat! He spent a good portion of the afternoon in it! He realized he could reach right into his toy basket--smart cookie! The first time I saw him, he had his laptop out and was dancing to "B-I-N-G-O." Then he had his Elmo remote and then his truck. Such a funny guys! My mom gave him a bear puppet/book and he has been kissing it all day. It is so stinking cute to hear him make kissing sounds! He also takes it over to Pax and gives Pax kisses from the bear. What a sweet boy :)

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