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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And then the Blueberries Fell Downstairs

Well, this post was originally just going to be the picture at the bottom. However, this morning and early afternoon have been quite busy, to say the least... I haven't been able to vacuum our stairs for a while since I had a hard time finding the bag refills. I finally got some last night and was quite excited to vacuum this morning! I usually run the vacuum on the stairs while the boys are napping and it works out just fine. I got all finished and was putting away the little vacuum only to find I was "dripping" dust everywhere! Not only did the fabric bag have a hole in it, but the new bag I had just put on had detached from the blower and all of the collected hair, etc. was blowing all over! Oy!

I thought it had mostly just dumped out downstairs in the family room while I was getting ready to put away the vacuum, but when I went upstairs I found grit EVERYWHERE!!! I started to clean up the vacuum, but there was vacuumed-up-junk all inside the cloth bag and with the hole, I just didn't know how to get it clean. I decided it was time for a new vacuum. I quickly did some research and Walmart looked like they had a pretty good new alternative. I woke James up a bit early from his nap and we dashed over to Walmart on an emergency errand. After that we went to BuyBuyBaby and Trader Joe's as planned for a toilet paper holder that will keep the roll from being unrolled (ahem, Jackson) and blueberries. I'll let you guess what we got where :)

Anyways, we got home and the boys played very nicely together while I worked on cleaning the floors and re-vacuuming. The vacuum does an AWESOME job picking up what I sweep! I was actually wanting a new Dustbuster too, and it appears that my purchase today will fulfill two of my needs! I fed them lunch in the midst of all these things, and was just working on the floor downstairs in the family room, feeling like the house was getting back in order, when I heard something fall down the stairs. It actually was something thrown down the stairs since that is a favorite game. I didn't pay much attention since it happens all the time and figured it was a block or truck. I went over to grab the dust mop and saw blueberries ALL over the floor! "Someone" must have reached way up on his tippy toes to reach the bag from Trader Joes that was not yet unpacked. There was a pint of blueberries in there and now that pint was all over the family room floor. Hmmm... Oy again.

The house is pretty much back together (and clean--how's that for a bonus?), but as I was laying James down for his nap I said, "Ok, have a nice nap. You can sleep as long as you'd like this time!" He just laughed really big at me...

Maybe tomorrow we can go back to helping clean up instead of causing things to clean up... ;)


Miss Mommy said...

Love the pic. That is a sweet boy.

Dana said...

Ummm...did you miss the part about the blueberries? JK--he is one sweet boy and we love him to pieces :)

Mary Jo said...

Wasn't sure if "Someone" was Mr. Jackson or Mr. James. Especially with the tippy toes part. Someday these things will be less funny, and I don't want that day to come any time soon.