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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Who is Amy?

This is an easy question to answer (and there are several answers)!

**She is my cousin!
**She's an amazing author!
**Who is Amy?

I am pretty sure I have read all of Amy's books, starting when I was a kid and probably didn't "get" the point of some of the grown-up books. But, she was my cousin and I loved her, so I should read her books, right? As funny as the grown-up books are, I LOVE that she has gone on to write tons of children's books! I share these with as many friends as possible and Jackson has almost the complete library (it would be completely complete if we hadn't given some away to friends)!

This boxed set includes one of each of my favorites! I have run across so many people in various walks of life that tell me how much they love Little Pea. I love that! I love it even more when I tell them that Amy is my cousin. They usually think that's pretty cool :)

I faithfully filled out The Belly Book while pregnant with Jackson. This was actually how I told Amy and her family that I was pregnant. I sent them all an e-mail explaining that I bought a copy of The Belly Book..and not to give as a gift!

Amy sent Jackson Your Birthday Book when he was born. I LOVE it! It is an awesome new baby or first birthday gift!

My parents received The Grandparent Book as a gift for Jackson's first birthday. I keep bugging my mom to get started on it because I want Jackson to have the whole series: The Belly Book, Your Birthday Book, and The Grandparent Book!

I am really excited about this book! It is coming out this Spring and I wish I had had it for Jackson's baby book! Maybe I have enough similar info in the baby book I did fill out to complete this one retroactively? Hmmm...

Needless to say, you should definitely check out Amy's collection! There is pretty much something for everyone, even if you don't have kids :)

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Miss Mommy said...

Hey- Dana you are awesome for linking to me. :)

I was so excited to see your cousin's books- just so you know your link from Diaper Diaries goes to last week's- I did the EXACT same thing!!! I think you forgot to change the link form last time you entered. So, if someone comes from DD, they will get kicked back to Feb 25. You might want to re-post on DD and in the comments ask her to delete your fist one...?

Good luck-