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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday in the City

Today we headed into D.C. to meet up with the Bascoms for lunch and a museum outing! Our original plan was a picnic on The Mall, but it is a dreary, rainy day, so we'll save that for next time :) We thought we were being easy and decided to meet at Five Guys. Well, this Five Guys was inside a fancy building and we had to take a complicated elevator and walk down many hallways. We finally found quite a nice food court, but it was much harder than we thought! After lunch we headed over to the American History Smithsonian Museum. They finished remodeling the museum last fall, but this was the first time Josh had been in the "new" one. We both really liked the new flag exhibit. Jackson loved looking at all of the trains!

The start of the train exhibit! This was a big hit!

I'm not sure why it looks like I'm getting ready to eat Jackson, but it's still a cute picture :)

Of course we had to take a picture of this bus with Jackson's name on it! He looks super excited, doesn't he? Sadly, there wasn't a train, bus, or car with Maddie's name on it :(

Chatting with Maddie and Sarah between exhibits.

The daddies helping with a photo-op of the babies...

Apparently Maddie was rubbing Jackson's head. I think they are engaged now, in his eyes...

She kept going and he was in a trance by the end!

This was at the end of the afternoon, which equals nap time. Josh and David were looking a little tired, after all... ;-)

Getting in some Daddy snuggles before bed!

Basketball junkies! March Madness approaches!

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