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Friday, March 12, 2010

Mr. No-Pants Gets a Happy Meal Toy!

Usually Jackson is quite helpful when I get him dressed. He likes poking his arms through his sleeves and sticks his little feet out as soon as I get out socks or shoes! This morning, however, he did not seem interested in me putting on his pants! So, he ran around like this until it was naptime :)

We spent some time at Walmart and Target on this yucky rainy day gathering some items for our upcoming trip to Hilton Head!!! I decided it would make our outing even more fun to start with lunch at McDonald's. It was really fun! LOL! No, really! Jackson ate great (this means he actually ate two pancakes, which he has been boycotting for a few days) while looking around at everything! He especially loved watching the girl making the fries! He really made friends with the woman who rang us up, and she came over as we were getting ready to leave with a toy for Jackson! Luckily for Josh and me Jackson does not really know the wonders of Happy Meals, but we'll take a free toy! It was a cute holographic magnifying glass (for the under three crowd). I thought that was so nice!

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